Beyond this Day, intro

The Way of Hope


Because we are social creatures, we know that we are bound to other humans. We live in groups and usually do what we can to make the life of the group a little better for our having been a part of it. Our particular effect on those around us, like the values we pass down to our children, can be viewed as a kind of immortality. A sort of memory is in process. Life is continuing… beyond this hour, beyond this day. The title of our book, Beyond This Day, is simply an affirmation that we are not alone, that in the act of sharing or relating in a positive way we give keepsakes to those we love.

It is not only by our actions that we make a difference in people’s lives, but also by our presence. We share who we are with others. And over time, we will have either a positive or a negative effect on them. We will either genuinely care for others or succumb to self-centeredness. We determine this. We will influence, to some degree, the emotional experiences of those close to us, experiences that will naturally continue in their memories long after we are gone.

And so it is with those who have passed before us. Quite often it is a fondness and deep regard for one close to us, cultivated over the course of the relationship that we remember and out to good use in our lives long after that loved one is no longer here. Even where there might have been discord, we can usually find a kernel of positive influence that flowed to us from the relationship. So we come to realize that certain profound influences upon us actually exist outside of time. They exist beyond the present, and the love engendered by them most certainly exists… beyond this day.


Tighe, John Sidney. Beyond This Day, Good Will Publishers, 2000, p. 8