A Place For You

Recently I have spent time reflecting on how far PICC, Inc. has come and where we are heading. I must say that we are learning each step of the way on how to Grow the Distance. Our Motto is to be A Beacon of Hope to Inspire, Encourage, Inform and Engage people across this nation to bridge gaps. Our nation seems to be divided along many lines; but with the efforts of the faith-based community we can be united under one very powerful element… LOVE.

I feel in my heart that the Lord has many voices within this social sphere who are very gifted and talented to reach many people. If you or someone you know fit this description, please consider coming aboard with PICC, Inc. and SCHP (sister blog) to produce articles, podcasts, write songs, poems or other creative work that will lift up and strengthen the people. All the more, point them to One who loves them and will go the distance to see them overcome difficult circumstances.

There have been times people have said to me that they feel the need to be doing something but do not know what it is or do not know what their gifts are. I have become aware recently that PICC and SCHP are to be a platform for those gifted and talented voices to launch and publish their work through the blogs. Well, now you have a platform with PICC, Inc.

Many have already joined our team and are rolling out fantastic materials to help get the message to the masses.

Come, Grow With Us! You can contact me at rochelleindo@gmail.com.

P.I.C.C., Inc. is in the fourth year. We began as a blog and have now become a nonprofit organization. Our Campaign for 2019 is – PHASE IV Growing the Distance. Please consider a gift to support our efforts to continue being A Beacon of Hope to Inspire, Encourage, Inform, and Engage others.

Come Grow With Us! The acts of kindness we do are made possible with the support of those who believe that we are the People In Charge of Change.