Become a Proud PICC Citizen Statesmen

We cannot stress it enough, PLEASE consider becoming a PICC representative for your Great State. This is a great opportunity for you to be effective in CHANGE for your community, local, State, and national. Please click on the registration in the center of homepage or go to the ‘In A U.S. State of Mine’ page and see those states that have reps. If your State’s emblem is not showing please sign up. PICC will send out an article informing how reps can be effective as a Citizen Statesmen. It takes less effort to do this than to debate with someone on Facebook sites, by far, much more effective. PICC has a Facebook presence called ‘People In Charge of Change’ This is only a satellite to steer individuals to the blog. Much of what PICC communicates will NOT be shared on social media. As we know, for the most part, these sites are monitored and Conservative pages are being restricted and controlled.

Or you can go to sign up form here! Just click on link and let it take you directly there.