P.I.C.C., Inc. Citizen Statesmen for 2020

Many of you who were a part of PICC when we launched in March 2016. Shortly after launching we started a push for people to become a Representative for their State to aid people in registering to vote, knowing where to vote, and to find other important information provided by the Secretary of State’s office.

PICC made it very easy for Representatives to do their duties by providing a point and click feature on the Election Headquarters page. This equipped them to tell inquirers to go to the page, find their states emblem (seal) and click on it. This directed them to the Secretary of State website where they found all the information they needed to become an informed voter.

Here we are a little more than 3 years later gearing up for the next round of primaries leading up to a general election in 2020. Now, as P.I.C.C., Inc. we are finding that people are more than excited to be a part of the political process that will shape our future and our children’s future. As in 2016, we have met people who are looking to vote for the very first time… some for the first time in years. Won’t you consider becoming a PICC Representative for your Great State to direct people to voting information? This is a great opportunity for you to be effective in CHANGE for your community, local, State, and national.

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It takes less effort to do this than to debate with someone on social media sites, by far, much more effective. Please note: P.I.C.C., Inc. is a faith-based nonprofit. We do not influence anyone to vote a particular issue or party. We only provide information that will serve to help voters be ready to do their civic duty.

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Disclaimer: P.I.C.C. efforts are not to encourage individuals or groups to vote for one party over another. This Election HQ site is for the purpose to direct viewers to their state/local Secretary of State website to learn information e.g., how to register to vote, where to vote on election days and what candidates are in the race for various offices.