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Scientists working on the genetic genome project realized there is only one race of humans. Some of the scientists were surprised by that. All of us being in one family runs contrary to Darwinism. Darwin, in one of his latter books, determined that the white race was the highest form of humans and more advanced than other “lower groups” he called “savage” or other names. Darwin did not invent racism, but he sure did his part to help racists stay racist.
More often than not, science proves evolution wrong and the Bible correct. The Bible account of man’s origin states that we all came from a single set of parents, not Neanderthals or Cro-Magnons. Racism is an invention of man, or you might say, the Devil. There is no such thing.

People are not “white” and “black”. They are all shades of brown, from barely any, to a lot. But again, people are not really totally white or totally black. In this world of calling things by the right names, perhaps this modification to our language should take precedence over so many nit-picky things. We are all “shades” not “colors” or “races”.
Racism is raw hate and has led to death and destruction. Racism, one of world history’s biggest societal problems could be eliminated, if everyone held to the true science, backed by the Bible AND science, in spite of evolution. Do not accept if anyone tells you that “all people are at least a little racist”. That helps perpetuate the lie. You can be free from any accusations of racism by denying there is such a thing and ignoring everyone’s beautiful complexion when it has nothing to do with anything. Don’t accept the claims of those who benefit from racist policies or who actually benefit from being a victim of racism. Both of those just keep it going. Deny vehemently. There is no reason for anyone to dissent from the “no races” thinking, Christian or not, because the science backs it up, unless they hold to the false theories of Darwinism.

Some see how people of different “races” walk, talk, think, and act differently so they think there must be something different about them beyond skin color. They see that, so they think races must be real. But those tendencies are from centuries of separation. Even their food can be vastly different. People have spent the entire history of the world sorting themselves out into groups of those who look like them. Then because of the separation, they developed their own ways of doing things; their own cultures or sub-cultures. Usually, these tendencies were what worked the best for them in the situation they found themselves.

While you are making this change in your thinking, please open your mind to the Bible, which always ends up being right. The Bible is another main thing in history that has been misunderstood by most people. It is not about forcing you to pay money to priests and do what they say. The main theme of every book in the Bible eventually leads the reader to Jesus Christ, who came to the world to save sinners.

Some people like to say that Christians are racist. This is another misconception, or maybe a disingenuous tactic. It is not too difficult for anyone with any sense to realize that racists will use the Bible to advance their agendas. There are scriptures that rightly point to Christians not to marry non-Christians, and Jews to remain separate from non-Jews. But there is nothing in the Bible that says that Christians should not intermarry with someone because of their skin color, and definitely not any scriptures that support the keeping of slaves.

When you get to the end of your life, don’t you want it to have been lived knowing you were a champion of the truth? Will you allow an environment of hate to continue when you could have stepped in to help set things right. What if someone decides to act out on their racism when they could have been persuaded against it by you? Your voice is needed.

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