Blessings of 2018. Hopes of 2019.


In whatever situation we are in, we should thank God. I have learned overtime that if we cast our burdens before HIM, they are as good as sorted.

Elseba  Adhiambo,
PODI Campaign Mgr


2018 was a year that provided mixed prospects for Periods of Dignity Initiative, some were challenging but they provided learning opportunities for us to be able even to impact on more lives of not only girls but women living in abject poverty.

As many of us may be aware, the financial flow for Periods Of  Dignity Initiative  PODI would not have been a very good in the year 2018. The urgency of the need at hand not waiting even for a minute. Failure to avail a pack of pads, a girl soils herself with menstrual blood then her self-worth and dignity is dealt a blow. I am glad this never happened. Sometimes it was so imminent that it would, but the Lord worked in miraculous ways that such scenario was never a reality in 2018.

During the year, we distributed a total of over 1200 sanitary pads to the girls enrolled in the PODI Sanitary Pads Distribution Program thanks to the generous support of brothers and sisters like you. Special thanks to Sister MJ Johnson, a dear sister in the Lord and an instrumental member of People In charge Of Charge Of Change, PICC who set up a Facebook Fundraiser  that raised $530 for this initiative. This helped a great deal in meeting the deficit. The distribution of the over 1200 packs of pads meant  that each girl was granted a WHOLE month in school (Which they could have missed if these supplies were not availed). Your effort resulted into MAJORITY of the girls recording Great IMPROVEMENT in their academic performance.

Of the 100 girls, none became pregnant (even though during the 2018  Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCSE) and Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education (KCPE) recorded a high number of teen mothers sitting out for the exams or missing the exams because they were in labor) However, none of the girls in the program dropped out of school and as of yet none has recorded any signs of Sexually Transmitted Infections. Your support cushioned them against these.

They have now become ambassadors and are now willing to talk more openly to the others about menstruation and how to manage it.

It is during the same year that we were able to have our Organization registered with the department of Gender and Social services in the republic thereby becoming a legal entity, we later secured a mailbox that would enable us receive correspondences and parcels through the post office and finally opened a bank account.

In recognition of the aspiration of one of the girls, Riziki’s ambition to become a journalist People In charge of Change, PICC secured a camera for her. She is now in the process of learning how to work with the camera to produce short videos that will appear on the PICC’s blog and it’s sister blog,, SCHP.

We thank God for giving us many friends who enabled us to achieve more in 2018.

We trust in the Lord that in 2019 we will be able to achieve even more. As we continue to provide the regular girls with the feminine supplies, we have started to think of sustainability of these programs. There is a need to involve the girls and even their parents in sewing reusable pads using locally available materials. The reusable pads are such that can be used, washed, stored and used again when ‘Auntie Flow’ visits.

This venture will economically empower  the women who are mothers to these girls. They will produce, use them themselves, give the girls and sell the surplus to those who can buy them. We pray and trust in the Lord that this will come into fruition.

Most of the girls are progressing and their background means they should be supported through high school. We trust the Lord that resources will be provided for their education when such a time is presented for action.

We count on your prayers, emotional and financial support this year to help us even get a greater impact.

Award Winning Smile! 

God bless you and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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