Calling All Citizen Statesmen

STATES IN PLAY – Democrats up for re-election in States Trump Won

Looking Ahead – 2018

Many of you have signed up as Citizen Statesmen in PICC’s humble beginning, 2016. We all celebrate the success of each who engaged in activity, pulling our nominee and candidate across the finish line to victory On November 8th. We stand, yet again, at the precipice of CHANGE and we as a united front can experience another victory as well as hold on to our current successes. However, we must have as many Citizen Statesmen as possible involved to make it happen.

Our Eyes are on the Prize!

*CS means Citizen Statesmen that has signed up with PICC to help Voters

The Midterm election being right around the corner has Dems on the ropes. The Democrats have 23 senate seats up for grabs and the GOP only has 8, clearly giving the GOP the edge. I’d be amiss if I didn’t add that 10 of the seats are in states that Donald Trump won in the general election of 2016.

Florida – D-Bill Nelson *CS-Dana M. Richardson

Indiana – D-Joe Donnelly *CS-(need volunteer)

Michigan – D-Debbie Stabenow *CS-Norma Birkhead/Karen Maxson

Missouri – D-Claire McCaskill *CS-Sherri Leasure

Montana – D-Jon Tester *CS-(need volunteer)

North Dakota – D-Heidi Heitkamp *CS-(need volunteer)

Ohio – D-Sherrod Brown *CS-Candace Lum

Pennsylvania – D-Bob Casey *CS-Kimberly Doyle

West Virginia – D-Joe Manchin *CS-(need volunteer)

Wisconsin – D-Tammy Baldwin *CS-Amanda

For the State of Michigan we are fortunate to have our very own Gail Pinder working behind the scenes to get pertinent information to PICC. We are asking that all Citizen Statesmen do a small part to get voters info and engaged. Even share opinions about the candidates in the election pool, if you like.

If any of you live in one of these states and are NOT yet a Citizen Statesmen of PICC, please consider signing up today. Go to the homepage and click on Sign-up Citizen Statesmen green button. Many people shy away from this because they feel the commitment involves responsibilities that will be overwhelming. To the contrary; the duties of a CS for PICC involves very little time. Take for instance, the 10 states listed that Pres. Trump won has officials, all Democrats who are shaking in their boots looking at 2018. If a CS lives in one of these states they can be of help to the people of their community by providing the Name(s) of the Conservative candidate(s) running against the Democrat up for re-election. Simple. Just Google the names of candidates running for offices, send link or info to Rochelle at [email protected] (less than 2-3 minutes of time). PICC will do the rest.