“On The Ropes!”

Let’s join forces, once again to do a small part in making big changes. Keeping House – Now that the president has been elected to office, there is still work to do. The progressives are already ramping up their strategies and games to overthrow the majority the Conservatives are enjoying in Congress. So look out for those Midterm elections 2018. PICC is reaching out to you who have already signed on as a PICC Citizen Statesman (woman). We look to you to keep us abreast of those running for office in your state and local communities.

Education and Re-education – The Low-Information voter and Non-voter are two groups that are the most dangerous during any election cycle. Most minority voters go to the polls and vote blindly for candidates that are representing the party ‘mama them’ voted for decades. I found an article that was interesting about low-information voters; check it out when you have time http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/the-most-dangerous-americans-arent-armed-theyre-uninformed-voters-2/

PICC will be looking for ways to make a difference. People need to understand what each candidate represents, both historically and presently. More than party affiliation, a candidate’s position should reflect the issues and concerns as well as offer solutions that voters seek. An informed voter casts an intelligent vote.

2018-2020 Vision – Again, Democrats are setting their sights on taking back the White House and Congress. The 2016 general election was a very big disappointment for the secular progressives. If you think 2016 election was nasty, you can expect the Democrats to play even nastier games in their efforts to take the government back in 2018 and 2020. Just look at the nasty race in GA’s 6th District between Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff running to replace Tom Price’s seat in Congress. Over 8 million dollars have been thrown behind Ossoff’s negative campaign given to him by Nancy Pelosi, Hollywood, and in Washington D.C. operatives for him to launch the most vile and nasty ads against Secretary Handel. While Handel might not be the best foot forward for the Conservative party, she’s the last candidate standing for the party.

We MUST be ready to do what we can to make certain that the enemies of We the People do not come back in power. It would help to be able to turn our focus to how we can gain traction in states/districts that voted for Trump in this 2018 midterm election. The momentum created in this election can gain ground for 2020. This is where you come in. It takes only 5 minutes or less to google candidates running for Congress in your area for the Midterm election. Once you have the information just share it with PICC directly to [email protected]. (a link will suffice).

Some of you might follow us on Facebook satellite page, PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF CHANGE. Simply message Rochelle and she will do the rest to get the message out to your state and local areas. We especially encourage for those of you who are in the states where Democrats lost in the general. These are our target states for UP-SEATING those in power in Congress. President Trump won those states; therefore, we KNOW the Democrats in Congress in those areas will possibly LOSE their seats. This is why we call this campaign Operation “On the Ropes!” We MUST work together on this!

These are just a few ideas on the list for PICC, PHASE II. We are open to know your thoughts, ideas, and concerns you would like see represented in People In Charge of Change. Please give us your feedback below or email us at [email protected]

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