Oh Me of Little Faith

        Recently, my husband and I have been hit really hard. Our health insurance was canceled and we were left without coverage. It was really scary news and I started worrying. I cried and paced and didn’t know what to do! We both have MS and desperately need insurance. My husband has […]

Is There Room?

Is There Room?

Christmas holds a special place in the heart of Christians. It is a time for family and friends to gather together and celebrate the birth of Jesus. We are very familiar with the Christmas story – sometimes it’s so familiar that it doesn’t hold the importance it once did. Have we lost the wonder of […]

We Gather Together

        I always thought of “We Gather Together” as a Thanksgiving Day hymn, but that’s not the case. It IS a hymn of praise to God for blessings that had been received, but it’s origin is much different than I expected. The story behind the hymn began a long time ago in […]