Filling Stations – Shaun Sanders

Today I had a precious moment with God where He reoriented my heart and cleaned out the cobwebs. Just a beautiful solid hour of worship and dwelling on His beauty. I’ve missed this and realized I’ve forgotten a few things.

We need this time with Him to get recharged. It is how He designed us. To sit at His feet and marvel at what He’s done and just how much He loves His children.

I closed the curtains in this tiny little airbnb and worshiped Him. Tears flowing and His grace washing over me. It’s in these moments that I remember there’s nothing more satisfying than being with Him. Nothing more exciting. No better place I’d rather be.

But yet I still forget and I still wander away. Not meaning to but also not being disciplined in carving out this kind of time with Him. To be free with just Him.

This morning I had a sweet conversation with my cousin, who I’m staying with for the weekend while she goes to class today. I was reminded of the story of Elijah and the 450 prophets and how he ran away after God used Him in a mighty way. He was so overwhelmed by the weight of His glory that He was spent. This story has come up in my life 3 times just this week.

I hear you, Lord. I was able to use it to encourage my cousin as well.





We can become so overwhelmed with the good and the hard things that we just check out and can’t do one more thing. I’ve recently experienced this and I know it’s because I haven’t been returning to His feet to be refreshed. Elijah was cared for in his withdrawal and whispered to by the Lord. He was there for him. (1 Kings 18 & 19)

My precious friend from IL sent me a few things to watch and worship to today since she knew I was going to be alone. The Lord knew I would need to be encouraged to spend that time with Him. I’m so glad I did. Bob Goff says that often when we ask God to answer a prayer, instead he sends us a friend. My faithful friend was used mightily today.

While watching a video of a worship leader’s testimony this morning, I was reminded that our job as His children is simply to love others (and love Him!). Especially our enemies. Especially those who are different than us.

This is hard. Even for me-someone who seems to always be so in tune with the needs of others and desiring to know others deeply. This is why we need the time away with Jesus. To reorient our hearts back to the main point of our existence. The main point of our transformation. The main point of His transformation. It requires a supernatural love to encourage someone living in sin that doesn’t know Jesus. But it’s our calling. It’s our fulfilling adventure as lovers of the One who rescued us.

We are instructed to, in love, call out sin. But this is mostly for our siblings in Christ. To reach the hurting world, it has to be done by supernatural love.

Thank you, Jesus for wooing me to your feet. For being present while I avoided this beautiful time for months. For being ok with my ugly crying and my not remembering how to fully let myself just be with You. My soul comes alive when I’m with you and I long to feel alive the rest of my life. But I know I’m prone to wander. Can you show me how to set up “filling stations” along the way? Give me the strength to keep coming back to you!


Washington Allston, 1817
Ferdinandus Bol, 1660


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