God Brings Unity

What satan meant to divide and destroy us with,

God has brought about His Plan for Unity and Good Will Toward Men.

We must cease to focus on the message of hate and division that has been ringing loudly for the past 2 years. The people of God are to be in step with what He is doing. People of faith have continued to pray for God to bring healing and unity to this nation that has been so divided. God is answering this prayer, right now, before us. Stop listening to the purveyors of hate and division in the media, the pundits, and the haters of the outcome of the last election.

We can control our emotions by first placing boundaries over what we see, hear, and allow to affect our lives. We do not have to respond to every negative ad, headline, or pundit who criticizes this new administration. Let’s do what has been proclaimed in PICC (People In Charge of Change) since the primaries… Beat our swords into ploughshares and begin cultivation a bond with those who may have a different candidate, view, skin color, or religious belief than we do. We prayed for unity… God has answered. What satan meant to divide and destroy us with, God has turned it around; ONCE AGAIN, the enemy’s plan has BACKFIRED! Since the ‘storm’, people have unified.

America is no longer black, white, or brown; it is Black, White AND Brown. It is no longer Republicans, or Democrats; it’s Republicans AND Democrats. It’s no longer rich or poor; it’s Rich AND Poor. Amazing how the Lord can break down the titles and classes that satan use as barriers against God’s people and His agenda! The lives lost will not be in vain. They were sacrificed in this storm; sacrifices of gold and silver, true treasures; but they are the hallmarks God sees for the unification of this Nation.



Lord, heal these broken lives and the families who have lost loved ones and everything. Thank You for Your Presence in our brokenness. We rely on You and each other. Bless our President, Donald J. Trump. Keep him, his family, and this administration safe throughout this ordeal.

Thank You for the Heroes who are working tirelessly to recover, restore, and replenish the lives of the people. Bless them. Thank You for the Church, that wonderful Light among the Nations. Strengthen all of Texas, Lord and this Nation. Amen.