Letter from Viola Achieng:

“Hello friends, this is Viola Achieng. I’m a pupil at Shauriyako Primary school in Homa Bay. I am glad to been given this opportunity to share with you my experiences and aspirations as a young girl living in one of the most disadvantaged slums in Homa Bay. This is a rare opportunity to get and I thank Aunt Elseba for it.

Secondly, I have to thank Aunt Elseba in a special way for going out of her way to enable us to get support in the form of a pack of sanitary pads monthly with the generous support from you. This has made my academic grades improve.

I want to admit that I am not very good at academics, but based on my own assessment and that of my teachers, I can confidently say that they will tremendously improve by the time I sit for my KCPE. That not withstanding, I am a good athlete and the captain of our school girls athletics team.

Before, I and other girls could not properly participate in the games let alone practice. But with being enrolled to receive the supplies, other girls and I can confidently practice and participate because we have adequate protection.

Before the weather got bad a couple of weeks ago and we had a heavy downpour, we participated in the Sub County Primary schools athletics championships and had a sterling performance. The girls team performed so well. In fact, we were the winners. This is the first time this happened in the history of our school.

I attribute this to the support from PODI because we are able to stay in class during our periods and also engage in extracurricular activities. I am motivated to pursue my dream of becoming a professional runner and emulate many Kenyan runners who are record breakers in long races the world over. I would win prizes and come back and help my people.


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Thank you.

Elseba Adhiambo, PODI

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