Letters from PODI – Faith

Letter from Faith Rose:


Hello Sisters,

I am writing to register my appreciation for having been so good to me. You are the reason for my renewed hopes, a new look and optimism in life.

Thanks to you, I have been receiving uninterrupted supply of sanitary pads for the last 13 months. Prior to this, I had underwent very traumatizing times just because I was menstruating. I had contemplated dropping out of school and my performance dwindled. I scored less marks and found school completely unbearable, when that time of the month came. I thought of nothing else but was just worried of soiling my clothes with menstrual blood.

Since I started receiving the sanitary pads, my image of self at school has improved. I no longer worry about the leak, but do worry about important things like my studies. My performance has improved and to say the truth, I am top of my class. Our school recently held the elections of the student’s governing council, I vied for the position of the president and I won!

This couldn’t have been a reality if I had been that dirty girl who always smelled and had blood stained cloths. If the support continues, I have a bright future. In the future, I would like to be a medical doctor or better still, lead this country Kenya

God Bless You ALL,
Faith Rose

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