OH! Happy ‘Fathers’ Day!

Tim Nobles: “Imagine my surprise today when the UPS man stopped at my house with this big Omaha Steak box!
My first thought, what had Sacha ordered now? It was for ME! Little did I know my wife had submitted an article about me that brought tears to my eyes. I was not aware there was going to be a Fathers Day Honoree. I am ever so humbled to be picked for this honor! Being a father and a grandfather is the best thing that could ever happen to a man. God has blessed me with 7 great kids and 16 beautiful grandkids! Our lives are full of love and laughter.

Thank you to the P.I.C.C Inc. family for choosing me! God Bless!

I am enclosing a couple of photos when most of the kids were here. The family has grown more since these were taken.” The Nobles live in McKinney Texas.

The BackStory to PICC, Inc. Choice for Fathers Day is Amazing!

Rochelle Indo: “Shortly after Tim Nobles came aboard as our Editor in Chief, I was on the side of my bed praying about our projects we had already put forward; the Mama Mia! It’s Italian! Mothers Day drawing by Rosa Sonzogni and the First Responders competition. I thought, “Lord, we must do something for Fathers Day, too. What will it be?” I was strongly impressed to select a PICC, Inc. honoree for that occasion… it was to be Tim Nobles. Hmmm. “But Lord I don’t even know if he has kids.” I felt the words, “Trust Me.” So I did. Later that day I shared with MJ Johnson, his sister what God put on my heart. All doubt was removed when she told me that Tim Nobles has a lot of children and he is a great father. I didn’t ask any questions after that. God knows who we are, people. He really does. Remember when we hear from the Lord on something He tells us to do… Just Do It! Father Knows Best. Here’s Sacha Nobles loving testimony of Tim Nobles as a husband, father and friend.  Click on picture.”Come Grow With Us! The acts of kindness we do are made possible with the support of those who believe that we are the People In Charge of Change.