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We felt it incumbent upon us to give our viewers and supporters a synopsis of what PICC, Inc. have accomplished over the 5 years we have been established. It has been our main objective to be A Beacon of Hope through our published materials and the acts of kindness we do as a family. This includes those who have produced these articles, those who have donated and those who have prayed for our success. We have had a very successful 2019 PHASE IV Campaign, Growing the Distance; we have High Hopes of finishing strong for Campaign PHASE V – Let’s Strive! Making Every Effort to Serve Christ by Serving others. We became a state registered nonprofit January 2019. P.I.C.C., Inc. 

P.I.C.C., Inc. will be going into its sixth year now and will soon be posting our goals going forward. Born during the height of the highly contentious election cycle of 2016 we witnessed emotions flaring and people were at wit’s end in many cases. Seeing families, friends, co-workers, even faith families being torn apart and disillusioned we decided to be a force for the good of ALL people.


A story of God’s Grace, Love, and Mercy moving through social media ***Click on image to read Joe Peterlin’s story

I wanted to start off by sharing this rescue story of Joe Peterlin. I met Joe on Facebook while working with others spreading the Conservative message for Dr. Ben Carson. What the Lord did next is remarkable. I pray you will take the time to read how the Lord saved this soul and took him home to glory. I share this so our visitors know that our primary objective is to change lives by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Body of Christ remains to be the People In Charge of Change. Jesus said, “…Go make disciples.” Matthew 28:19-20 The Great Commission to the Church.

Our focus is to continue bringing people together. The lives of many people in this country are in shambles. Thanks to the forces that seek to divide us with identity politics, whole families are torn apart; the workplaces have become uncomfortable for people with different views; people are living in fear of losing their freedoms. But we at P.I.C.C., Inc. are hopeful. Our efforts will continue to be to encourage ALL to look to God and to each other for help. There are many ways to become divided but with little effort people can find those things in common that can unify. Come Grow With Us in this mission to trust in God and in the good of our neighbors.

Our Motto is A Beacon of Hope to Inspire, Encourage, Inform, and Engage people to do acts of kindness across this nation. We at PICC, Inc. choose to be a leader in this endeavor. Come Grow With Us, for We are the People in Charge of Change. 

Our 2019 PHASE IV campaign, Growing the Distance was a great success because of the donors who sacrificed to give to our efforts. In 2020 we are going to continue expanding our reach to help others with needs; these needs can easily be met by a few caring hearts. Already we’ve reached across social, religious, and political aisles in order to Inspire, Encourage, Inform, and Engage many people. In 2016-2017 we reached as far as 8000+ miles, to Kenya Africa to help 100 young ladies have the feminine supplies necessary to experience uninterrupted academic months; $100 covers 100 girls. P.I.C.C.’s campaign manager for PODI, Periods of Dignity Initiative is Elseba Adhiambo.

We hope that you will join us and subscribe to P.I.C.C. Avail us the opportunity to win you with positive and engaging materials. Tell your friends about us. Guess what? We are open to new ideas and suggestions. Feel free to contact us. We have a Facebook satellite page: PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF CHANGE. I can be reached on provisions59@gmail.com. or rochelleindo@gmail.com. Thank you and have a prosperous 2019.

Click image for PODI Facebook Page

Elseba Adhiambo – PODI  Campaign Mgr

Over 50 homeless souls received blankets ***This project has ended***

We continue to reach across the miles of ocean and sky to help young ladies in Africa. See our most recent success as we engaged others to give to PICC-A-Blanket for the Homeless. (click name to visit page) These donations were two-fold in how they were allocated.

Each participant’s donation served a multi-purpose. The funds helped to provide blankets for our Atlanta Initiative to cover 50 souls at 7 Bridges Recovery (click name or image to go to website), and donations provided funds to bless three other charities. Donors were given a VIP membership with PICC, Inc. Each membership card has a number.

On November 18th donors from across the nation card numbers were placed in a bowl. Melody Acey, one of PICC contributors visiting Atlanta from the great state of Washington did the honors of drawing the winning numbers. This resulted in three winners who were then notified and given the distinct privilege to name a charity to give their PICC award of $100. Ebonee Heath chose Little Dresses for Africa.   Click on name to visit the Little Dresses website and click on Ebonee’s image to go to her Winner’s page.

V.I.P.  Member # 26

“I’m so glad that I won to be able to help out
with clothing for those little girls in Africa .
I looked at their website and I’m happy to see
What I am supporting. It feels good to help.”

Calvin Eric Jones was one of the three winners. He thoughtfully chose Gateway Center for the homeless. (click name to go to website) When Development Specialist, Tricia Callihan got the news of Mr. Jones’ gift she was touched by such thoughtfulness. In her own words,

“Thank you so much for thinking of us – our organization is striving to make homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring by empowering the men we work with to become self-sufficient through many programs including substance abuse recovery programs, veterans programs, and job readiness programs just to name a few. Although we cannot completely end homelessness, we are making great strides thanks to individuals like you who are willing to partner with us.”

Click on Mr. Jones’ image to go to his Winner’s page.

***Update*** Shortly after Mr. Jones’ charitable donation, he went home to forever be with the Lord April 20th, 2020


Click on Deslina’s image to go to her Winner’s page.

Deslina Bowman was one of the three winners. Her charity of choice was the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Andrea Hernandez Charitable Giving Specialist at NBCF was thrilled to know that Deslina had selected them for her award from PICC.

“The National Breast Cancer Foundation focuses on early detection, support, and education of this life changing disease. The foundation offers free mammograms nationwide and over 80% of their total funding is allocated to programs and services. This foundation aids in the detection, survival and curing of breast cancer.

It was with great pleasure to support the PICC-A-Blanket for the Homeless campaign. And even more fun winning! Thanks, PICC, Inc. for awarding my winnings to the Charity of choice. This wonderful foundation. Click here to visit the site and learn.” https://www.nationalbreastcancer.org/

Deslina Bowman


Our first PICC-A-Thon was A Scooter for Gail. We learned about a need among our very own group, in an indirect way. Once realized, I saw the need to pull people together from across the nation to help Gail Pinder, The Front Porch columnist in PICC. Starting a fundraiser for Gail, we were able to provide her with a great 2017 Christmas gift within less than 7 days. More than $1500 was raised for “Gracie”. Click Picture for her story. Isn’t she Lovely?

See Gail and Emery’s Journey with MS. Click Picture.

P.I.C.C., Inc. Board of Directors chose to give their 1st quarterly membership gifts to a charity. This one was for the babies of some brave mothers who decided not to abort. The mothers and babies were helped by the Pregnancy Care Center in Clayton County and supporters; some of whom are in this picture with me. (see below)



Rochelle Indo with Marsharne Sullivan of Pregnancy Care Center and women’s group at Glad Tidings.

With the money donated for this project, PICC was able to provide for 3 newborns. ***This project has ended***

Rochelle with Marsharne and Glad Tidings' women's group.

Click on image to go to Pregnancy Care Center Website

The Mama Mia! It’s Italian! Mothers Day.   For more info and  video of the drawing – Click the Picture
The PICC-A-First Responder contest. Click the Picture to see all the contesters

***This project has ended***

A winner was declared on June 4th, Fred Packard emerged as the clear winner for his article about their community Heros, Susquehanna Hose Co. Havre de Grace, Maryland. click on this image to read Fred’s article and the letter sent to Bill Berg w/ a check!




Promise Made. Promise Kept. Mailed Priority June 6, 2019

A check for $200 along with a letter addressed to Firefighter Billy Berg was mailed to Fred Packard for the Susquehanna Hose Co. in Havre de Gace, Maryland. These are the acts of kindness P.I.C.C., Inc. and those who support her efforts are making successful strides in accomplishing. Come Grow With Us. We Are the People In Charge of Change.

P.I.C.C., Inc. Fathers Day Honoree: Click the Picture 

PICC – A- Valentine 2020

Over 50 homeless souls received gifts ***This project has ended***

Click on postcard 

Over 50 homeless souls received gifts ***This project has ended***


As PICC continues to find ways to be of service to the community and the country, our project PICC-A-GOGO to provide masks to the homeless poor was also a hit. Get One Give One was the object. (click image for more info) With everything that is going on with this COVID – 19 pandemic and now the mayhem with the protests turning into riots and chaos, it does us good to remember what America is all about.

Many souls were provided free masks ***This project has ended***

P.I.C.C. has a sister blog, “Small Change – Huge Profits” www.smallchange-hugeprofits.com Click Here to Visit Sister Blog

To assist all people we provide an Election HeadQuarters’ to help people to navigate their Secretary of State’s division with merely a ‘point and click’ on this blog. Please note: It is not for P.I.C.C. to influence anyone’s vote. We only encourage people to be an informed populous and to take part in our great democracy by voting their issues and concerns. P.I.C.C., Inc. will continue to provide this same ‘point and click’ feature on the Election HeadQuarters’ page.

P.I.C.C., Inc. is in its sixth year. We began as a blog and have now become a nonprofit organization. Our Campaign for 2021 is – PHASE VI – Let’s Lead the Charge! Please consider a gift to support our efforts to continue being A Beacon of Hope to Inspire, Encourage, Inform, and Engage others in acts of kindness.

Come Grow With Us! The acts of kindness we do are made possible
with the su
pport of those who believe that we are the People In Charge of Change.