Phase IV Growing the Distance “Good Soil”

 Our motto: A BEACON OF HOPE to Inspire, Encourage, Inform, and Engage 


People In Charge of Change takes heart in reaching across social, racial, religious, and political aisles in order be an inspiration and a comfort to all people. We aim to reach a broader audience by creating and publishing articles and videos that speak to the heart of where people are… and to the heart of where people want to grow. Christian Love can heal the hurt and disappointments felt in this life’s journey; and it bridges the divide created by forces of ill intent.

PICC-A-First Responder

WE take it a step further. Now, in our fourth year as a social medial presence, our purpose continues to be a force for good to bring people together under a common cause. Acts of kindness across this nation which has proven to meet needs on a small, yet effective scale.

Our Fourth year campaign motto is named PHASE IV Growing the Distance

One of our first endeavors of the year we sought to honor our brave men and women of First Responders units. This included those who serve as Police, Firemen/women, EMTs, and teachers. Teachers? Yes, teachers are definitely First Responders. Amazing how they jump into full guardian mode when things happen near or at a learning facility.

See our first challenge of the year and its success. Click on images to take you to experience the adventure.)

The Winner Is... Fred Packard & The Susquehanna Hose Co.

The Winner Is… Fred Packard & The Susquehanna Hose Co.

While you’re here, take a moment to browse. We have great columnists and contributors who have shared numerous articles that have reached across this nation and beyond. (click image for a starter)

                           At-A-Glance PICC

These are the acts of kindness P.I.C.C., Inc. and those who support her efforts are making.  What we do are only made possible by your donations. This is “Good Soil.”

P.I.C.C., Inc. is in the fourth year. We are a domestic nonprofit faith-based initiative. We desire to finish strong in our PHASE IV Growing the Distance

Won’t you Come Grow With Us? We Are the People In Charge of Change.