PICC – PHASE IV “Growing the Distance”

                                        Greetings to all our PICC and SCHP Friends and Colleagues,

It is with a profound appreciation for the love and support you have given over the past 34 months. We have had some very wonderful moments together. We have laughed, wrestled over frustrations for things we could not control, we have learned from each other, embraced strangers, helped the needy, foreign and domestic, supported one another and most of all… We Have Grown Together.

As founder of People In Charge of Change and Small Change Huge Profits, I have had the distinct privilege of meeting some very talented, skillful, and creative people; many of whom have contributed in unbelievable ways to these blogs. Those of you who have been with PICC from the beginning might have noticed a drop in the number of columnists and contributors over the last 18 months. This was expected. What changed? You might ask.

Read Our Story – click the picPICC was born in the midst of a highly contested and heated election cycle – the Presidential Primaries and the General Election period beginning spring of 2015 ramping up to November 2016. Social media site Facebook was a place where most of us got to meet each other on a  members-only site called CarsoNation joins with Trump, which later became People In Charge of Change, the satellite page for the blog that launched March 2016.

We held a common goal: WIN-WIN and WIN. Once Dr. Carson had conceded in the primaries we CarsoNators held our breath to see which way our beloved Doctor would turn… who he would endorse. As we waited to exhale, many of us were working in the background to encourage and inform voters and non-voters how important it was to be a part of the change we desired. Several columnists and contributors came aboard and began to roll out memes, articles, videos and polling info for various states. There was a tremendous effort to energize and inform Conservatives and Moderates to vote their values.

No matter the candidate put forward from the opposing party, it spelled disaster for Evangelicals, the Right to Life for the unborn, the Sanctity of Marriage, Religious Freedom, American’s First and Second Amendment Rights, Border Security, America’s Respect in the world, loss of businesses, manufacturing, jobs, and so much more was on the line. PICC’s team unified with our eyes on the prize. After nearly two weeks of waiting, Dr. Carson endorsed Donald J. Trump. We stopped holding our breath and began to hold our noses. We just were not sure if this was a good choice. But we got over it quick. Our work was cut out for us. PICC was in PHASE II.

Over in the other camp… we heard sounds of laughter. The opposition party began to have a party. They believed “no way is he going to be the Nominee for the GOP.”  Some went further to say “If he is the nominee, we got this election wrapped up in a bag!”

Candidate Trump rallied like nothing we’ve ever seen. Arenas and stadiums were busting at the seams. The mainstream media was seeing this but felt the need to report the outcome in the general election would be a certain victory for Hillary Clinton.

Trump beat out all of his primary opponents and was nominated to lead the party into the general election. Hillary Clinton with the help of the DNC decided to maneuver ways to steal the thunder from Bernie Sanders, the Socialist. She became the Democratic party’s Nominee. Then the gauntlet was thrown down! History was made and Politics will never be the same!

PICC had become a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media. We threw all we had behind Candidate Trump. Our team began putting out publications 2 – 3 times a week. Our message was resonating with the public all over this nation. The call for Citizen Statesmen was in large part PICC’s way of involving people nationwide to take part in our effort. We encouraged people 40, 50, 60 years old who had never voted to get in on the action, to register, and to vote.


Dr. Carson’s words reverberated throughout the CarsoNation working in PICC. We continued until the light of day. With much prayer, fasting and hard work (some nose-holding still), nearly 65 million people voted for the candidate that best represented We the People.


The liberal left’s party time had ended. With the help of the mainstream media they lied to themselves and to the people. But truth reigned victoriously over fake news and fake polls!

It’s a WIN for Conservatives, Patriots, and Evangelicals!! Donald J. Trump became President-elect on November 8th 2016 and the media, pundits, never-Trump-ers, and the liberal groups from every tribe began to have public meltdowns, crying, protesting (outright riots), the party was over. Their failed candidate is still campaigning almost two years later. “What Happened(?)” is her new slogan. She wrote a book about it.

So now we are here. Trump’s second year in office and so much WINNING! We have ourselves to thank for our POTUS-President of the United States, FLOTUS-First Lady of the United States, and our SCOTUS-Supreme Court of the United States! 

PICC took on a new vision after President Trump took office. PHASE III was more about bringing the masses together. We felt the pain in our country. Much of which had been caused by lies and deception. Disappointment on both sides kept stirring the pot. Our country had become divided. We at PICC sensed the heart of God desiring to use us to begin bringing people back together.

Many of the political columnists faded from PICC and took on other responsibilities and went back to daily routines. Their work was tremendously effective. Collectively, they changed the trajectory of this nation. Giving glory to God for every victory! Some debated, defended, posted articles, and videos; all to educate and inform voters and potential voters. Stepping up to the plate were individuals who shared the vision of unity, peace, and love. God commissioned us to be an inspiration to others; to reach out to those whom we may disagree with in politics or otherwise, and find common ground wherewith we could connect. We have stayed the course to encourage, educate, and engage people to be a part of the change they want to see. We encouraged them to register and vote… but by all means be an informed voter.

Read The PODI Story – click the pic

PICC was still true to her original objective, yet has become so much more. We have expanded nationally by supporting Elseba Adhiambo representative of PODI, Periods of Dignity in Homa Bay County  (Kenya Africa). Elseba is a beautiful Christian sister and a Campaign Manager in PICC. She is called Auntie Elseba by 100 young ladies who benefit from the contributions PICC friends and others give each month. This is a huge responsibility for PICC and we thank the Lord for the faithfulness of all donors.

PICC has also seen the need of one of our very own. THE FRONT PORCH columnist, Gail Pinder, shared how she painstakingly goes through daily living with MS and being the caregiver of her loving husband who is in an advanced stage of the same disease. Much of her mobility was with a scooter. The one she had no longer functioned and she could not afford another one. PICC saw this as an opportunity to make a difference. In our very first PICC-A-Thon we launched a Gofundme page with a goal of a little over $1500 for a scooter. In less than 10 days the funds had come in from all over and Gail went shopping!  ‘Gracie’ is hope realized. We could not have done this without the help of so many of you.

        Read Her Story – click the pic

“We have a Dream”

People In Charge of Change and Small Change Huge Profits pride ourselves in our efforts to reach a broader audience by creating and publishing articles and videos that speaks to the heart of where people are… and to the heart of where the people want to grow. One of our dreams has been in a holding stage for more than a year. It is PICCtv. We have been in this developing stage for longer than we had anticipated.


A Look Back

PICCtv will be an information and forum outlet for columnists and contributors to make and submit videos for a wider viewing audience. There will be opportunities for people to interact with panels by calling in or tweeting questions and comments. Sounds fun, right? Well, this is the vision. The Word of God tells us that He will give us dreams and visions. Acts 2:15-17 Peter stood up to address the people after the great manifestation of God’s Holy Spirit power fell on those who tarried and expected the Promise.

15 These people are not drunk, as you suppose. It’s only nine in the morning! 16 No, this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel:

17 “‘In the last days, God says,
    I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
    your young men will see visions,
    your old men will dream dreams.
18 Even on my servants, both men and women,
    I will pour out my Spirit in those days,
    and they will prophesy.”

These media tools are available to ALL of us. Why should only a few big names use them? We hope to make our debut on the scene to get our positive message across. In hopes of changing lives.

It is our belief that PICC is in lockstep with God’s army and His promise. Contrary to many beliefs, God has not changed, neither has He changed His mind about the direction His kingdom is growing. He continues to look for servants who are willing to Grow the Distant. We are now entering PHASE IV, Growing the Distance, and asking you to join us. We cannot get there without your  help, our subscribers and viewers we lovingly call the PICC family. These are but a few things PICC have found within her realm of influence to take part in. By January 2019 we would like to begin the process to acquire the status of 501c3, a nonprofit org. This will enable us to do so much more of what I have addressed in this update.

Selection of Board Members is forthcoming and updates will be provided as progress is made. We are always looking for talent to join with us to reach above and beyond what we have done. Many contributors will come aboard as regulars if we can offer them tokens of reward for their work.

If you and others you know have been encouraged by what we have published, or you may have followed us on our FaceBook satellite page People In Charge of Change, please consider donating. PICC will need financial support to be a success in our PHASE IV mission of Growing the Distance.  Partner with us to help us to acquire the status of 501c3, a nonprofit org, which will allow us to do so much more to help others! No amount is too large or too small when believing in a cause and giving from the heart. Thanks for your consideration.