PICC Short – Berry Picking Time

Steve Cooper. Author, Producer
Diamond Bar Productions


I have a passion for educating our children in the Christian values and godly principles that we are called to live by. God has given me the unique opportunity to host a Kid’s Camp on our Ranch. We are teaching children how important it is to work together and become an effective and valuable part of a team. The kid’s weekend camps can help turn a nation around. Trump is great, but America will die without true repentance. Our science series will teach young children such advanced science understanding that non Christian parents will want their kids to watch. Stay Tuned! Oh, and tell your family and friends. Here is a snippet of what ‘Berry Picking Time’ is like with the kids. Learning to put there shoulders to the wheel while having FUN! Oh, and that’s yours truly Gettin’ it done! Don’t Laugh, I just work fast.