Planned? Killing Our Future


Could it be that they ‘Sacrificed Themselves to DEATH?’

Is America following down this path?

AZTECANS – GONE! Human sacrifice was practiced on a grand scale throughout the Aztec empire, although the exact figures are unknown. At Tenochtitlán, the principal Aztec city, according to Ross Hassig “between 10,000 and 80,400 persons” were sacrificed over the course of four days for the dedication of the Great Pyramid in 1487. Excavations of the offerings in the main temple have provided some insight in the process, but the dozens of remains excavated are far short of the thousands of sacrifices recorded by eyewitnesses and other historical accounts. For millennia, the practice of human sacrifice was widespread in Mesoamerican and South American cultures. It was a theme in the Olmec religion, which thrived between 1200 BC and 400 BC and among the Maya.


The Incas made human sacrifices. As many as 4,000 servants, court officials, favorites and concubines were killed upon the death of the Inca Huayna Capac in 1527. The Incas performed child sacrifices around important events, such as the death of the Sapa Inca or during a famine. These sacrifices were known as qhapaq hucha.


                                                                           MAYANS – GONE!

“Midnight Terror Cave” in Belize Central America – place of Mayan’s child sacrifices

In Mayan culture, people believed that supernatural beings had power over their lives and this is one reason that child sacrifice occurred. The sacrifices were essentially to satisfy the supernatural beings. This was done through k’ex, which is an exchange or substitution of something.[


The Moche of northern Peru practiced mass sacrifices of men and boys.

Both iconography and the finds of human skeletons in ritual contexts seem to indicate that human sacrifice played a significant part in Moche religious practices. These rites appear to have involved the elite as key actors in a spectacle of costumed participants.


The Timoto-Cuicas offered human sacrifices. Until colonial times children sacrifice persisted secretly in Laguna de Urao (Mérida). It was described by the chronicler Juan de Castellanos, who cited that feasts and human sacrifices were done in honour of Icaque, an Andean prehispanic goddess.

Planned Murder (aka Planned Parenthood) has operated under the guise of being a women’s health organization, when in fact they are doing nothing less than what these cultures have done, killing our future. The State of Washington passed legislations this past Saturday, 3/3/2018 that has made it mandatory for insurance companies to cover abortions. WHILE WE WERE SLEEPING! (see link below)

Below is just one of many undercover videos provided on Youtube by The Center for Medical  Progress.

Take a moment to check it out. In one case, notice how the one individual is comfortable eating a meal and drinking wine as she tells how babies are ripped out of the womb.

In a recent televised broadcast of a popular (true) evangelist, shared his story about a visit to Central America’s Mayan Ruins. He asked his guide a simple question, “What happened to the Mayan people?” The guide said, “We are not sure. But we think that they sacrificed themselves to DEATH.” Imagine that! Now Imagine the road we are on. These cultures might have sacrificed themselves to DEATH and extinction. I have heard many times in Christian theological discussions a question about America’s place in prophecy and how it is really not known. Of course a few educated guesses are given, but nothing really solid.

Could this be an indication that we, too, would be in Ruins and no longer exist? It is something to think about. If Americans are not vigilant and take a stand against the purveyors of human sacrifice (aka abortions for the salvaging and sales of fetuses) today, we will find ourselves extinct… or will not find ourselves in the future.

Something more to chew on… You might remember that a post circulated on social media about this new ‘feminism’ that is doing its best to make the future ‘female’?  Well, think hard and long how this would assist in making America extinct.

The slogan ‘the future is female’ is shrouded behind the Feminist movement, which is nothing close to being compared to the movement of the 1920’s and 1960’s. Remember when it was a women’s movement that fought for reforms on issues such women’s suffrage, equal pay, reproductive rights, maternity leave, sexual harassment, domestic violence and sexual violence? Well, take a look again.

Feminists protests with their babies

The movement, ‘future is female’ is an anti-male sentiment that even the Feminists of ‘yesteryear’ have distanced themselves from. This movement has redefined feminism. It embraces any group that has, at the top of its list of things to do, bashing men, especially conservative white men, unless, of course, they are of the effeminate nature, transgender or identified as one or more LGBTQ definitions.


New Feminist protests to abort babies – Sacrificing Our Future

Writer and author, AR Devine put it this way. The new feminists believe that the Straight, white males are an inferior type

He writes, “Instead of dealing with an opposing argument by putting forth a rebuttal, many on the postmodernist left and social justice spectrum will first and foremost attack you and try and dismiss your right to even have an opinion because of your skin colour, gender and sexual orientation. But only if you are a straight, white male.

In the worldview of these people straight, white males are an inferior type of human who should keep their mouths shut and know their place. How is this any different to the bigoted mindset of white supremacists?

I recently heard a stand up comedian use the phrase “straight, white male” as a pejorative. He and many like him feel completely free to express their sneering contempt for one group of people based on their skin colour, gender and sexual orientation.

Most baffling of all he is a white male himself. Do those social justice warriors and feminists not see the irony in claiming to oppose racism and sexism, while harbouring contempt for one group of people based on their gender, sexuality and skin complexion? Personally, I despise racism or sexism of any kind and I will always challenge and resist.” (AR Devine)

Combined, all these secular progressive ideas will only lead to the downfall and ultimate destruction of America. The moral majority must arise from its slumber and sleep and take this country back! We have a president leading the way. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that America is not worth fighting for. She is. We start on our knees and end at the voting booth. Conservatives have the pulse of the nation right now. The time is now to declare that victory over evil can and will be won at the polls.


  In God We Trust our Future

To further the discussion, there is an excellent article in the DailyWire publication. Click the link below:


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Wikipedia: Researched for most of the information in this article in regards to the ancient cultures.


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