Should Christians Have a Role in Politics??





Many people today believe that Christians should not be involved in politics, often citing that our nation was founded on the “separation of church and state”. Another argument is that faith and politics don’t mix. Do you think they are right?

Let’s take a few minutes to address these arguments:

Separation of Church and State

“Separation of church and state” is bandied about quite often, but do you know that it does NOT appear in our Constitution? It is paraphrased from a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote on January 1, 1802 addressed to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut. That letter was published in a Massachusetts newspaper.

Separation of Church and state has been grossly misinterpreted. Our founders left England because of religious persecution and set up a nation that dictates that people have to believe in God or not
to believe.

Article One in our Constitution
(Bill of Rights),
is shown here.



Faith and Politics

Whether Christians should be involved in politics has been a much-debated subject for centuries. Many believers have thought that they should not be involved because “faith and politics don’t mix”.

Is this true?

There is a valid point, as believers who enter the political arena have often become so politically minded that they have lost their way in their faith. Others have mistakenly rested all their hope on politicians and lost ground in their faith.

As valid as these claims may be, there is a much stronger point. The downward spiral that our country has been experiencing not only points to the fallen nature of mankind, but more importantly to the lack of influence Christians have had in public affairs. When the moral and righteous people of God do not take it upon themselves to vote or run for office, They are leaving the fate of future generations in the hands of the wicked and immoral.

I believe that faith and politics DO mix and must! America is a nation based on religious principles. If you look back at our forefathers, you can see for yourself.

George Washington was our first president and a godly man. He was a man well versed in prayer. Here is his prayer for the United States, delivered on April 30, 1789 at his inauguration.

John Adams, our second president,  declared that America was a Christian nation which had a duty to obey the God of the Bible. This was not just his personal opinion, but was expressed in an official proclamation as President at the request of Congress.






Throughout our history many Christian men and women have served in government roles in national, state or local platforms. They have managed to serve their country as well as their God. Believe it or not, many are doing the same thing today throughout America.

If we don’t do it, Who will??

Being involved in politics allows Christians to affect and change the culture we live in. Whether Christians run for office or only show up to vote, the sheer number of Christian votes allows them to make a great impact in our government. Christians should be involved and in the position to spearhead beneficial legislation on sanctity of life, immigration, health care and First Amendment rights. If Christians would all take a stand on abortion laws, just imagine the rights that could be gained by unborn children. Christians CAN and SHOULD make their voices heard by participating in the political process.

An important piece of advice is in Micah 6:8. As the Israelites were trying to establish permanency in an ancient world of superpowers, they were required to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with their God.”

If we heed this advice, anything is possible.  I believe that politics are one segment of public life that needs truth and understanding. We just don’t see that as often as we should. Involved Christians can help change that! We can and should be God’s Ambassadors!

We live in a blessed nation, but many Christians have become complacent. Not only do they NOT take part in politics, they don’t even vote. We are now seeing the results of that complacency. Our children cannot salute our flag in school, prayer has been removed and much more. We are slowly losing our freedoms. It’s time that we step up to the plate and use the available political influence to make a difference.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

I’d like to put a spin on that and say that “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that GOD’s people do nothing!”

Any thoughts??????

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.
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