“Many days and evenings have been spent sitting on the front porch with neighbors and friends. We’d talk about anything and everything. The camaraderie made all the difference. We need some front porch sitting in today’s world. Just think of all the problems we’d solve!”  Gail Pinder


Oh! Don’t forget your tea…

                 Sit a while and take a look at my articles listed below:  PICC Around the World – PODI  Thank You! Silent Night  Thanks-Giving  Our Journey   Should Christians Have a Role in Politics??  Did You Ever Wonder?????  STAND FAST!!   Let Freedom Ring And They All Came Tumbling Down…  Israel – God Chosen People?  The First Fifty Days of Trump  Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way  Ben Carson – A True Man of the People A New Year and New Hope for America  The Meaning of Christmas  Be Ye Thankful!! The Dawning of a New Day!  This is My Country!  Let Us Pray!   Why Does America Need Change???  A Front Porch Moment     Immigration – Then and Now    911 – The Day that Rocked America   America’s Veterans

PICC Founder, Rochelle Indo and other members have started a Fundraiser for a new mobility scooter for me.
We are very grateful to have people in our lives who want to make life better for us!.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your time visiting the Front Porch!  Come back now, ya hear??

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