1st Responder At-A-Glance

Welcome to all our visitors! We are so glad you stopped by at this time. We have great things going on. People are coming together across the nation to participate in our PHASE IV Campaign PICC – A First Responder challenge. Today we launched the competition and the contestants are off and running to the finish. Read here for more details: PICC A First Responder

The following links are the contestants participating in this wonderful event. Feel free to browse and select the ones that peaks your interest… or check all of them out. I assure you they will inspire and encourage you. Simply click on an image.

       A Loving and Giving Man

        Be Fearless

               Columnist                        Wind For Your Sails

                      Fred Packard                                Susquehanna Hose Company

                       Columnist                                              Wendolyn Rose                  

                        Contributor                                          We Do Not Know Defeat



           A Blessing from Patria Agosto                                     Come, Holy Spirit

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