Seasons of Feelings… December


In the frenetic madness of materialism that has come to represent the holiday season, we must find a way to recall and revive genuine friendship and generosity. We have suffered greatly this year and no presents will serve as a solution to our sorrow. It truly is better to give than to receive in that in the giving we find some good part of ourselves eager for expression. A farmhouse atop a knoll covered with blanket of snow is more to our purpose than a store full of obligatory gifts. This holiday season especially should be a time to retreat from the madness and give of our very selves to those we love and to those less fortunate than we. Yes, holidays are tough on one who is grieving; there is just no way around it. But perhaps this is a time to slow the pace for one’s own good and for the ultimate good of those we know and love.


This month, perhaps even as a gift to my loved ones, those here with me and those deceased, I will create for myself a saner holiday, concentrated on people I care about and not on “things”. My Main gift to those around me will be my presence instead of my presents.


Tighe, John Sidney. “Seasons of Feelings: December.” Beyond This Day, Good Will Publishers,

2000, p. 89

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