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The other day my husband and I had a “front porch moment”. We were at the hair salon and while I was getting my hair cut, my husband struck up a conversation with an older couple that were waiting.  My husband is a Vietnam Navy vet and loves to talk to people, so that was no surprise.

The conversation was just casual at first, but it shortly veered off into more. The older gentleman asked Emery how he felt about what is going on in our country. He was very concerned about the direction America is taking. Of course, Emery was able to talk about that with him and his wife for a bit. We live in a highly Democratic city in a highly Democratic state, so the way the conversation was going was refreshing!

Another lady arrived and joined the discourse. They talked about what’s going on now, economically, militarily and, of course, the Presidential race. They talked about our military – that it is at its lowest point in decades and needs to be beefed up. We need leaders who DON’T apologize – that makes us look weak. Obama Care has failed miserably and needs to be replaced. Basically they all agreed that there needs to be a complete change in America and that it will take more than four years to fix the problems. They believe that many people just don’t seem to care or actually vote!

They agreed with us and felt strongly that this country always relied on and trusted in God and we need his hand back on America!

I was sitting and listening to the conversation going on around me. I shut my eyes and imagined us all sitting on the front porch drinking sweet tea and solving all the world’s problems.

Our own Rochelle Indo had similar conversation with people while she was in Washington D.C recently. It’s very inspiring to hear what people have to say.

Spend some time talking with your co-workers, family, friends and neighbors . Lots of things have been accomplished sitting on the porch drinking sweet tea and talking. We can ALL benefit from a front porch moment!!

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