A Match Made in Heaven

The following is a true story related by Elder Shirley Rankine. Shirley has been a flight attendant with Southwest Airlines for over eight years and during this time has had the privilege of transporting thousands of passengers across the world while working alongside an ever-growing talent base of 15,000 exceptional flight crew members from various walks of life. Shirley is based in Dallas Texas and works with 2,000 or so flight attendants on a regular basis. However, the Lord decided to use Shirley to bring two special co-workers together.

The hand of the Lord allowed Kriston Holback, a new flight attendant to fly with Shirley. A little about Kristin: she is a statuesque, stunning, beauty both inside and out with a heart of gold. She previously worked as a 4th grade elementary school teacher in Prosper, Texas. Her brother is senior Southwest flight attendant who prompted her on various occasions to apply for a flight attendant position. Kristin’s mother is also a retired flight attendant who also encouraged her to do the same.

Kristin loved her teaching job, shaping the minds of young people but she gave into the pressures of her family and applied for a position at Southwest Airlines. Once hired and sitting reserve in the Dallas crew base during the summer months of 2017, Kristin and Shirley crossed paths and were assigned to the same trip parings several times.

They formed an immediate jump-seat friendship and swapped phone numbers, shared stories of prior airline positions and backgrounds. Shirley said “it was easy to develop a fondness for Kristin because of her infectious bubbly personality.” Time revealed that they had similar interest and passion for God. It was then that Shirley made a mental note to be on the look-out for a future husband suitable for a woman of God. A man that would treat her like the princess she deserves to be treated,

Several weeks later, God places Robert Grimm in the story. He was a new hire pilot, first officer. A little about Robert: he was wholesome, down-to-earth, had a humble disposition, and Shirley thought he would be a good match for Kristin. During an overnight on a three-day trip while at dinner with the crew members, Robert said he was single. Shirley texted Kristin asked for her permission to have Rob reach out for a date.

She reluctantly agreed. Shirley took a picture of Robert and sent phone numbers and photos to the pair. The rest was up to the Lord and Rob.

After many texts and phone calls, Kristin agreed to meet Rob on a first date. Little did he know that she would bring her best friends and church group sisters to meet at the designated restaurant where they put Rob under a microscope. He was a good sport and had a good time with her friends. Eventually, Robert and Kristin fell in love.

About a year after the couples initial meeting, Shirley bumped into Robert in the Dallas airport. He shared that he had bought an engagement ring for Kristin and was about to propose. She was overjoyed and happy that he had found his true love and that Kristin was gaining a good man who would be a great husband. They hugged and she congratulated him on the future engagement and soon after received an invite from Kristin to attend her bridal shower in Prosper Texas.

We all stand amazed at the work of God’s mighty hand. Shirley said, “as I look back over the meeting of Kristin and Robert, God sure works in mysterious ways. I am honored to have been used to be a bridge uniting such a lovely couple as their match was made in the heavens 35,000 feet in the air.”

Shirley Rankine