Sixteen years ago I changed my eating lifestyle. After researching on healthy eating habits and the benefits of eating vegan, I decided it was the best for me and my family. As a wife and mother, I wanted to do my part in giving us the best chance at a great quality of life and a long life. One of the benefits of a healthy vegan diet is it can prevent diseases in the body.

In my research I found that many of the methods of eating healthy are recorded in the Bible. Saints and disciples ate what is referred to as ‘live’ foods. If this way of eating was good for strong bodies and minds then, it will render the same results for us now. Here are some results my family have experienced:

  • the children don’t get colds
  • less doctor visits; that’s a savings in and of itself
  • learning how to shop for health
  • husband and I have more energy to get through the tasks we face each day having 5 children and regular jobs

This transition hasn’t been easy for any of us, but the perks have been well worth the sacrifice. We are enjoying life feeling good in our bodies and minds. Eating the regular American meals kept me sick year round. Early on, I began experimenting by purging my body from the toxins from beef, pork, and chicken. I immediately felt less sluggish at the start of my days. I would be able to accomplish much more because of the energy.

It did help to meet and fall in love with a Rasta, my husband, whose favorite saying, “I-Tal foods are Vital foods.” This really set me on a path to learning how not to eat mechanically and how to eat for life, what is natural and grows from the earth. Dead foods gives little to no nutrition and causes our colons and intestines to become cemeteries. Most nutritionists and physicians inform their patients about most sicknesses have their beginning around the mid-section.

Learning these truths just added to my determination to live this way and teach my children to eat for your lives. Furthermore, I take pleasure in sharing my story and teaching others who are eager to learn. Beyond the reach of I-Tal foods, many are learning how herbal remedies and dietary adjustments are bringing healing to the body and mind.

Many of us are eagerly awaiting life everlasting; yet we can have a richer and more vital existence in the ‘here and now’ just by making small changes. For many, a ‘best life now’ is dependent upon the taking care of the body and mind.

I realize that this may come later in life for many of us, I just started early. These bodies are organic and naturally break down over time. Also, from no fault of our own, sickness and disease come a-knocking. We have only to do our best and trust our Creator for the rest. He is a healer and He is eager to bring comfort to all of us as we look to Him.

I would like to welcome you to BACK TO EDEN. I hope that we can at least start the conversation here through this column. Please, if you have a favorite vegan recipe you would like to share leave a comment and an email to connect. Or send a video. I will be sure to share it on the column site.

Just to add, I have learned a lot following reports from pathologist, naturalist and herbalist, Dr. Sebi. He has spent decades studying the plants and herbs of North, South and Central America, Africa and the Caribbean. His unique approach to healing the human body is firmly rooted in that experience. There is much to unpack here about Dr. Sebi and claims from many about his having cures for HIV and cancer and other diseases, and his untimely death. For more info you can visit his site:

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