Become the Person You Needed Part II

Were you missing that special person in your life as you were coming up? Or perhaps someone was there but not in the way that you needed them to be. Maybe you were too young and unlearned to even notice something or someone missing. Often as we grow older we reflect back on times in our lives (for me it was my very early years) when things were rough or just not right… and you wonder… where was my sister (brother, father, mother, friend) when I needed her/him? Some may have gone as far as asking “Where was God?”

Well, before we get too far into this query, rest assured that the Lord has never been far away. God sees all the evil and wrong that has been done in this world. Including what has happened to each of us. He has reserved a day of justice for those who violate His laws and who bring harm to others.

As to the others, they might have seen your need and not know how to help. Maybe they too were too young to understand. Adults in your life might have noticed but thought that everything will work itself out… just give it time. Whatever the case may have been, your life was forever altered and some of the fragments from the brokenness still linger today.

It is our heavenly Father’s desire that we receive healing for damaged emotions. In fact, about 20 years ago I ran across a book called ‘Healing for Damaged Emotions’ by David Seamands, Being such a lover of books… when I saw this book I felt I just had to have it to put on my shelf. One day I will get around to reading it.

Little did I know I would be immediately drawn to it. For I knew there were some deep issues I was dealing with inside of myself. I was curious about whether the Lord led me to this book for that reason. So I picked it up and began to read it slowly. Slow was the pace that seemed purposed by God. As I read chapters and segments I felt the need to put it down to reflect and pray about what I had read.

There were a lot of tears going through this read. I remember my first course of action as I thought back over the years was FORGIVENESS. Even though I had been a born again follower of Christ for 18 years, I’d learn on this journey that I needed God’s forgiveness daily and I needed to forgive others as well. What loomed in my mind was the scripture,

Matthew 6:15 New International Version (NIV)

 “But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

So I did a blanketed forgiveness for the most part. Others I forgave as the remembrance of each hurt and pain arose in my spirit. But what about those from decades ago that did harm to me? Some are even dead now. How exactly does that work? As I pondered these things, I remembered the problems I had in recent relationships. Could it be that those idiosyncrasies in my personality stemmed from the hurt and pain caused by others from yesteryear?

So, then, if the effects of previous injuries could pop up to ruin my present and my future maybe it would make sense to forgive people from the past. Release the hurt and pain that lingered in my life by telling God, “I forgive them.” or “Help me to forgive. Even those who stood by and did nothing.” You may ask, “What if they are dead?” Talk to the Lord about it. They might have gone before Him in full remorse and repentance for forgiveness and just did not make it around to ask you to forgive them.

I know this may seem far fetched to many reading it. But give it some thought. What’s haunting you from yesteryear? Who do you need to forgive? How have the effects of damaged emotions popped up over the years to ruin your relationships with others, even God?

This is what happened to me. Now, He may work in your life differently. There is no cookie-cutter style with our creative Heavenly Father. As I went before God each time I remembered someone who injured me or neglected my care, I sincerely wanted to forgive and to be forgiven. You see, even harboring bad feelings in my heart against someone harden me toward them. The Lord began softening my heart; and a greater benefit was revealed. He made me tender toward others who had been hurt in similar ways. I was given an understanding heart and compassion for them.

I remember about 10 years later as I journeyed through this new life with Christ, I realized one day, I Became the Person I Needed. You can too! As you walk this walk of faith and trust in our loving Father, He will transform you into the image of His Son. 

What is that like? What did Jesus do on earth? He did good to all; He forgave; showing love, mercy, kindness, and compassion; He encouraged and built people up. This is who we are to become. Find someone you can Be the Person You Needed. This will please our Father.

Micah 6:8 (NIV)

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.


Become the Person You Needed – Part I

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