Becoming Extraordinary

Most people want to live a life that is more than just ordinary. They want to accomplish something in their lives, whether it is in their work, or hobby. Some just know deep inside that they were meant to do more than live a life that is like being in a kennel. It may take someone a lifetime to determine what that is.

Young people should be encouraged to try things out, and not be held back, if possible. Parents don’t like their kids to quit things, but children have to have the freedom to try things out without being stuck with the unintended consequences of a bad choice. They have to know that it takes a lot of work to have a good solid accomplishment and that there is usually a cost to trying things. Sometimes, if they can do well in one thing, no matter how trivial, they will learn that they can do it again in something more important.

All my life, I have expected myself to live more than an ordinary life. I did try a wide variety of things to do something extraordinary. I detail this in my free article: The Polymath’s Search.
While variety is the spice of life, the older you get, the fewer number of things in life seem important. I became a Christian for sure in 1979. Now I am nearing retirement age and I realize that “Just one life, will soon be passed, only what is done for Christ will last.” I am not a spiritual giant by any means. I am just a regular guy who keeps trying, in spite of my own failures and weaknesses, to do something lasting for God.

Like perhaps many of you reading this, I decided that my place was to be a content provider, not just a content consumer. A big turning point for me came when I discovered I could publish my own books on the internet for free. I had experience with non-fiction and decided that I would gain more reader attention as a fiction writer.

There was a learning curve to writing fiction and publishing, but I became moderately competent. At first, I wanted to be a bestselling author. I wrote the Kings and Clans Trilogy. My goal was to serve God by subtly weaving a Christian message throughout. I did sell a lot of books, but that was not really the point either. Why should I put a hurdle of charging a few dollars for a book when the cost might keep someone from receiving the Gospel? Was I doing this for my own ego, or for something lasting? I can publish the ebooks for free, so that is what I do. I won’t have any need for that money in eternity, but I might have someone there to fellowship with forever because Jesus saved them from eternal torment. Just think about how great that is.

So it became time for me to use what I had learned to put forth something thought provoking while entertaining. But I did not want to be subtle, and definitely not use murky allegory. Who ever got saved from that? I decided to create a near-future scifi setting called The Lucid Series. It is a cyberpunk setting. Cyberpunk is science fiction sub-genre with a lot of technology and low life, punk characters. I think that cyberpunk is the best type of universe to portray the predictable failures of man’s present course and contrast it with the Solid Rock. The Lucid Series looks at such things as; virtual reality addiction, cloning, euthanasia, and religious freedom.

Cyberpunk fans hate Christians, straight up. They think we have no business invading their world, which they admit will be hopelessly dark. Like all worldlings, they wonder why we Christians seem to be against so much they favor. They see us as meddling “haters” who just don’t want anyone to enjoy themselves. But we believers know that it is always best to just follow God’s manual for us, the Holy Scriptures. Sometimes I think we need to focus more on the soul winning step before the behavior modification step.

So we Christians need to go there boldly among those hostile cyberpunk fans and own it. Please download the free books and tell others about them. I have absolutely no problem with you downloading my stuff in the .pdf format and forwarding it to as many people as you want. In fact, I would be thrilled. I am not in it for the money.
In the Lucid Series, I like to bring in some violent action and humor, and not really comfortable with vulgar language, but the main effort is to put the characters in situations relatable to the reader where man’s bad choices will have run amok.

I have read twenty plus books on writing. Some are immensely helpful. Almost every single one says that you should never “preach” in your writing. I understand that preaching will turn off readers. However, I contend that not all will be turned off by a two-page slab of proselytizing, so at the risk of becoming a shunned author, my writing in this series often includes chunks of Christian apologetics. As I said, at this point in my life I don’t care. Go big or go home, I guess. Get off my lawn! No, just kidding, you can go there. I’m not like that.

If someone would come to Jesus because of my writing, then it would be worth it all many times over, for sure. If someone is motivated to go forth and do more for Christ, it will be worth it. Only God can give us a real purpose. I now know what I must do, so I must just do it for as long as I can and the best I can.

There may be some who are reading this who want to do more with their lives, but seem to be at a plateau. Perhaps you have considered trying a lot of different things. Look at your life. Are you actually already doing some things that are making a difference? Can you step up your game and sow the seeds for a bigger harvest? We should want each other to be the best they can be. That makes us all better. You’ll never do anything if you live in fear of failing and worry others will think you are a fool.

If you think you may also be interested in writing, check out my free articles on writing.
I don’t like writing about myself that much, but if you want my take on any subject, leave a comment. You generally only have to ask for my opinion once.

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