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“I would like people to recognize in looking at my story that the person who has the most to do with what happens to you is you. It’s not the environment, it’s not the other people who were there trying to help you or trying to stop you. It’s what you decide to do and how much effort you put behind it.” Ben Carson

If you’re like me, Ben Carson has been a big influence in your life – a mentor.  I worked diligently on his campaign for President, and he will always be an inspiration to me! Who would have believed that a little boy from such a humble beginning in Detroit,and with the cards stacked against him, would become the man he is today.Let’s take a trip through the life of this remarkable man.

Benjamin Solomon Carson was born on September 18, 1951 in the slums of Detroit, Michigan. He and his brother were raised by a single mother, with only a 3rd grade education. His mother refused to be held down by the system and worked three jobs to provide for her sons.

She knew her boys would have to work hard to succeed, so she turned off the TV and required that they check books out from the public library and turn in weekly book reports, even though she could not read herself.

Ben Carson quickly rose to the top of his class and joined the ROTC program in high school. In three years, he rose to the highest position possible as the Officer in Charge of all ROTC programs in the city of Detroit. He was offered a full scholarship to West Point, but he chose to pursue a career in medicine

He was a graduate of Yale University and the University of Michigan Medical School. At the age of 33, he became the youngest chief of pediatric neurosurgery in the country and remained in that position at Johns Hopkins Hospital until his retirement in 2013. During that time, he pioneered multiple surgical procedures with his most prominent being separating Siamese twins conjoined at the head.

Dr Carson was bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2008 – the highest civilian award in the United States.

Then came the Prayer Breakfast!!! Ben gained public fame when he criticized Obama while standing feet away from him at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013. He refused to apologize, stating that Political Correctness had become a tool for the Left to stifle opposing views and self-restrict our Constitutional right to free speech.

At this point, many saw promise in what Ben Carson could do for America. He was courted and drafted to run for President and We the People was born!

I was hooked! I became a proud member of the We the People movement and poured my heart out in promoting this wonderful man. Throughout the primary election season, I and scores of others, worked diligently in his campaign.

I was in the process of helping to set up a campaign stop in my city, and was thrilled that I would be able to actually meet Ben Carson! The day before the event I was devastated to hear that Ben had dropped out of the presidential race. There went my chance to meet him, but even worse was the loss to our country.When Ben Carson asked us to support Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency, I questioned that decision, but as time went on I could see a difference in Trump – a spark that he didn’t have before and I credit Ben Carson’s influence with that spark. Throughout Trump’s campaign, I realized that Donald Trump could be the president we needed, but would there be a place for Ben??

Thankfully, Donald Trump was elected President. January 20, 2017 was the start of the new administration – and Ben Carson would have an important role in it. He was nominated as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and was approved unanimously by the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs on January 24th. Finally, the Senate voted on March 2nd to confirm Dr Ben Carson as the next secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

What will this mean for America??

At the opening of confirmation hearing in January, Ben Carson stated: “Throughout my life, I have done things that many deemed impossible. I pledge to work with this Committee and the dedicated career staff at HUD to solve difficult, seemingly obstinate issues and address the needs of those who rely on the services provided by HUD.”

He continued, “My life story is an example of what can happen when we dedicate ourselves to improving the lives of others. Everyone deserves a shot at the American Dream, and I intend to fight for those who are still trying to reach their full potential.”

Dr. Carson stated that he wanted to run HUD in order to “heal America’s divisiveness”.

During the hearing, a Senator from North Carolina asked: “What is the best possible thing we can do for someone who is on government assistance?”  “Uh, get them off of it,” Carson answered. What a novel idea!
I truly believe that Ben Carson, a man of strong faith, will be the role model those striving to better themselves have been waiting for. Like everything he has accomplished before, he will give it his all and excel in every way. Dr. Ben Carson is a phenomenal man and a true man of the people! I am excited at the possibilities that lie ahead.The ‘We the People’ movement continues. We will continue fighting for our country and for our way of life. As Ben Carson so wisely said : “We must come together and work together to make the future a better place. Take the time to understand one another because our future depends on it.”

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.
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