Beyond this Day… The Way of Hope





2015-2017 – People killed by Terrorist (labeled) attacks: 118 and 221 injured

2015-2017 – People killed by Criminal (labeled) attacks: 97 and 569 injured

2015-2017 – People killed by Natural Disasters: 473 Includes: Hurricanes, floods, wild fires and blizzard

2014-2017 – Lives taken through hazing incidents in Sororities/U.S. Marine Corps:

Nolan Burch, Kappa Sigma West Virginia University

Trevor Duffy, Zeta Beta Tau University at Albany

Raheel Siddiqui, U.S. Marine Corps, Paris Island

Tim Piazza, Beta Theta Pi Pennsylvania State University

Maxwell Gruver, Phi Delta Theta Louisiana State University

Andrew Coffee, Pi Kappa Phi Florida State University

Many seats will be empty at tables during this holiday season, due to acts of terror, natural disasters, and loved ones who have passed on from sickness, disease, or the life was taken prematurely. Those who were injured may still be seated, but their lives were changed forever because of these horrific events. Nearly 1500 lives are represented and this number is multiplied many times over when we include family members and friends who are affected. Hopefully, this series will help us all get Beyond this Day.

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