Faith Works!

Remember, Moments of Truth segments are intended to encourage believers to search God’s Word

Okay, so our last segment was about how good works will not produce salvation for the believer. This segment in Moments of Truth is about how faith without works is not a ‘saving faith’ at all. One might seem to contradict the other; but in reality, they complement each other. It is important to make the distinction from what Paul said to his Roman friends and what James said to the Jewish converts.

It is equally important that both be viewed in context. Romans 3:20-26   Paul was speaking in terms of the Law of Moses; though it is important, no one is justified by the keeping of it. The Law served as a Mirror. Keep in mind, a mirror can show you what is wrong but it cannot fix the problem.

James, on the other hand was dealing with believers whose lives did not match their profession of faith in Christ. Though they believed, they still exhibited biases. Showing favoritism to the wealthy, looking down on the poor; they were guilty of acceptable sins such as gossip and envy.

James 1:19-27


Genuine faith is seen in a life that is changed, and is demonstrated outwardly

This is Faith that Works! James 2:1-20,26

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