By Faith… Not Sight

This veil is softly falling
With a feathers touch so light
That I rarely ever notice
My obscured and failing sight.

I strain to see the image
Of the scenes unfolding here
Men and women casting shadows
With their venom filled with fear.

All that’s right they twist and spin
In a frenzy to destroy
Hoping that we somehow miss it
For the target is our joy.

But this veil is not our vision
This, they cannot understand
For we see not with our eyes
As we hold the Savior’s hand.

He leads the way each step we take
Stepping round this cluttered road
Pressing on with faith in Him
Here living waters freely flow.

And so we keep our hand in His
Walking on by faith not sight
Clinging ever to our King
Seeing only through His Light.

With love to my Lord and King,
MJ Johnson