Called to be S.A.L.T.

Melody Acey- PICC Contributor

Be S.o A.mazingly L.oving T.hat…

Others want what you have

Salt is needed for bodily functions. It helps to balance our fluids and provides us with the electrolytes, sodium and chloride. Keep in mind that too little salt can be just as detrimental to the body as too much salt. Some studies show that 1,500mg a day is all the body needs. This amount gets the job done!

Salt is used for seasoning and as a food preservative. In seasoning if the food has too little salt we can’t get that special flavor we desire, so we add just a tad more; if too much salt is added the whole pot is ruined. Nothing left but to toss it!


Matthew 5:13 Jesus states, “We are the salt of the earth. If we become tasteless, how can we become salty again?” As followers of Christ a perfect balance of “salt” should reflect what is in the heart. A balance of the love of God shown to others and our obedience to the love of God is to be sprinkled like salt on everyone we meet.

Old Testament references to offerings and sacrificial meals indicate salt as a key player in preparing them. Salt was a necessary ingredient for daily meals back then, so it was an easy step for Covenants of Salt. There’s an Arabic expression that states, “There is salt between us.” Meaning one has participated in the hospitality of another and has cemented a friendship.

History on salt and the Covenant of Salt

Covenant of Saltan inviolable covenant; unbreakable, sacred, sacrosanct, holy, untouchable. Salt as a preservative symbolizes that the covenant is an enduring one. Long lasting agreement. Never to end. Eternal. We like those words, right? The Aaronic Priesthood was established by a Covenant of Salt. Numbers 18:19 Also, 2 Chronicles 13:5 implies the Davidic Dynasty was established by a Covenant of Salt. The Lord has declared that neither of these two covenants would end.

How does this translate to the life of the believer today?

“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light:” 1 Peter 2:9

Rochelle Indo, Founder of PICC

The priesthood remains; not so much with sacrificial offerings and meals; but definitely in its heartfelt meaning with some expressions of worship and service to God and others, through the life of the believer. The Dictionary definition of a priest is “one especially consecrated to the service of a divinity and through whom worship, prayer, sacrifice, or other service is offered to the object of worship – and pardon, blessing, or deliverance is obtained by the worshipper.” (Funk and Wagnall Vol. 21 p.273) This is kind of what God means about us being a royal priesthood. We are eternal.

The Davidic Dynasty continues as well, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Salt also has a drawing agent, and it speeds up the healing process when used as a salve on a boil or a lesion. It draws out the infection. Wouldn’t this be a wonderful thing that the life of a believer could draw out the infections of a sin sick soul?

Many often say that salt causes them to become thirsty. There are some who debate this using various studies. Many of us have experienced the effect of eating something with a great deal of salt in or on it… we want water immediately afterwards.

If this is truly the case, then what Jesus was implying as well is that the life of the believer should be lived out in such a desirable, flavorful way that others will become thirsty for God and His righteousness. Do you agree with this analogy? Click image for Part II of Salt and Light.

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