Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks??





Right off the bat I need to tell you that I am “old school”. Yes, I have a cell phone, but it’s NOT a Smart Phone, it’s a dumb phone. I don’t text, surf the web or anything else with it. It’s just a phone. I pay my bills the old-fashioned way – I send checks through the mail.

My 89-year-old Mom is pretty good with technology. She just got a Smart phone, pays all her bills online and texts like a pro. Mom keeps telling me to “get with the times!”

Imagine my trepidation when my little local bank branch announced it was going digital –yes digital! No more teller windows – just “Smart ATMs”. They said it was an improvement.

That was enough to scare the bejeebers out of me! Smart ATMs? I’ve never even used a dumb ATM!

Off to the bank I went to see if banking as I’ve known it would survive. When I stepped through the doors, I entered a whole new bank – no teller windows, no cubicles. There were some chairs in the center of the bank, a booth in the corner where you could sit and learn the ropes about using electronics to do most of your banking.

A brand spanking new “Smart ATM“ stood where the tellers used to be. The bank manager asked my thoughts and I told her I wanted the bank to go back to the way it’s been for years. That wasn’t going to happen, so I let her give me instructions on the new machine. It wasn’t as challenging as I thought.

She also taught me  how to do “bill pay” where I am in control of my money. I liked that option and will soon be giving it a try.  Think of the money I’ll save on stamps!.

Maybe this old lady has learned some new tricks, but I’m still keeping my dumb phone. Baby steps….

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