Can I Be As Trusting?

Just a Little PICC Short. Something to think about

Happiness in Christ is indestructible. It cannot be erased by pain, disappointment, failure, loss or sorrow. Jesus is our Rock, when we truly trust Him. We will always see the rainbow through our tears.

This type of happiness is born from an intimate walk with God. This happiness forges such deep seated peace and joy in the heart of a trusting believeR. it is a gift of god through the work of the holy spirit, the channel god uses for it to flow to us. the holy spirit guides us to be obedient to the demands of christ; his happiness and blessing will become our portion. it is steadfast and indestructible. 

When the rains come down beating upon him, the thunder roars at him, the waves almost sweeps him away… still deep underneath it all is quiet and calm.

Imagine a bird that builds its nest on the rocky edge under the thundering roar of the waterfall and, in the midst of the storm, serenely it sits on its nest, hatching little eggs.

Ask yourself… “Can I Be As Trusting?”

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