Can I Be As Trusting?

Just a Little PICC Short. Something to think about

Happiness in Christ is indestructible. It cannot be erased by pain, disappointment, failure, loss or sorrow. Jesus is our Rock, when we truly trust Him. We will always see the rainbow through our tears.

This type of happiness is born from an intimate walk with God. This happiness forges such deep seated peace and joy in the heart of a trusting believeR. it is a gift of god through the work of the holy spirit, the channel god uses for it to flow to us. the holy spirit guides us to be obedient to the demands of christ; his happiness and blessing will become our portion. it is steadfast and indestructible. 

When the rains come down beating upon him, the thunder roars at him, the waves almost sweeps him away… still deep underneath it all is quiet and calm.

Imagine a bird that builds its nest on the rocky edge under the thundering roar of the waterfall and, in the midst of the storm, serenely it sits on its nest, hatching little eggs.

Ask yourself… “Can I Be As Trusting?”

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About Rochelle

D.N.A. of a P.K. – My Story Born and raised in coastal Georgia, I had the distinct privilege of coming up in a home of ‘CHURCH FOLK.’ I was considered a PK; many of you know the term translates as ‘Preacher’s Kid.’ My beginnings were, in appearance, a life of luxury and prestige. Other kids looked up to the PKs and pretty much followed their lead. Why not? They were the best examples, right? Not so fast! Preachers’ children are not always the epitome of all that is holy and good by any stretch of the imagination. I would be remiss if I did not include that Preachers are not always the epitome of all that is holy and good. In many cases, just the opposite. For me personally, the preacher I knew was a monster in a suit or clergy robe. Between the age of 3 yrs -14 yrs old, I was in church 3-4 times a week, for 4-5 hours at a time. (black church, y’all. Some of you can relate). With all of that… I never saw Christ in the home. How sad is that? I left the home… or should I say, the home left me. You see, I was managed quite well. Oh, I was provided shelter, food, clothing (second hand clothes while the preacher and first lady wore the finest). We rode in the finest cars; the church took great care of the pastor and his family. Much was provided… yet much was lacking. Darkness lurched in many corners of that home. I would encourage each of you to visit the sister blog for the 3 part series of my story... beginning with D.N.A. of a PK -