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We the People are well aware of the biased main-stream media news outlets. We are well aware of their propaganda hit pieces as well as their OMISSION of real news reporting. Some would say this is the product of the 24/7 news cycle. Some would say it’s a result of “news” stations that have to *make* news instead of simply reporting it. And still others would say it’s a result of our MSM being bought and paid for by many who would like to destroy the values and principles this country was built on; values and principles reflected in our Constitution declaring All Lives Matter. Forces against the U.S. would like nothing less than to see our country brought to her knees, tossing out the principles that built our country and replacing them with their *version* of the truth.

So how do we fight back? How can we be sure we’re getting the LEAST biased reporting available? One sure-fire way is to CHOOSE the news we expose ourselves to. If you’ve had enough of the media lies and propaganda, you DO have choices available to you. For instance, there is a device known as a ROKU that allows you to choose your channels, most of which are free. Cutting the cable cord can save you thousands of dollars a year, and a device such as a ROKU can give you access to thousands of movies, documentaries, medical shows, sports, food channels, DIY, and much more. For pennies on the dollar, compared to cable, you can access all your favorite networks and purchase the News Source you trust. Networks such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, VUDU and many others are available through ROKU. Bypass the FAKE NEWS and go right to the sources you trust. There are many ways of WINNING. Why have cable and put money into the machine that is working AGAINST you? Having such a varied “menu” at your fingertips gives you the ability to choose what you see, what you are exposed to, and what you learn about.

If you go the ROKU route, Internet is required. The most basic of cable packages will give you access to local viewing, as well as a few cable channels and internet. For example: I have XFINITY’s basic package offers on-demand features, including Streampix. Streampix offers most of what can be seen on LMN, History channels, and other major cable movie channels. Other cable and satellite providers offer similar packages with internet. As you can see, there are a myriad of ways to get the info you need while keeping your hard-earned cash in your pocket, instead of handing it over to the cable companies.

So what’s your next step? Where do you begin to make a change in how you view news? Almost all new TVs have the “smart” TV feature, with something like a ROKU already built into them. Or there are many small devices you can purchase to connect to your existing TV that will open up your viewing possibilities. There is a small remote included, which allows you to plug in headphones so you can view your content without disturbing those around you.

Browse your favorite retail site to see generations of devices such as ROKU and Amazon Fire TV available: Streaming stick (plugs into a USB port), ROKU 2, and ROKU 3. Every purchase made through this link will help support PICC and our efforts to bring about positive change. Take control of your news.

Take control of your viewing options. We’ve never had more opportunities available to us than we do right now. Why shouldn’t we take control?

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D.N.A. of a P.K. – My Story Born and raised in coastal Georgia, I had the distinct privilege of coming up in a home of ‘CHURCH FOLK.’ I was considered a PK; many of you know the term translates as ‘Preacher’s Kid.’ My beginnings were, in appearance, a life of luxury and prestige. Other kids looked up to the PKs and pretty much followed their lead. Why not? They were the best examples, right? Not so fast! Preachers’ children are not always the epitome of all that is holy and good by any stretch of the imagination. I would be remiss if I did not include that Preachers are not always the epitome of all that is holy and good. In many cases, just the opposite. For me personally, the preacher I knew was a monster in a suit or clergy robe. Between the age of 3 yrs -14 yrs old, I was in church 3-4 times a week, for 4-5 hours at a time. (black church, y’all. Some of you can relate). With all of that… I never saw Christ in the home. How sad is that? I left the home… or should I say, the home left me. You see, I was managed quite well. Oh, I was provided shelter, food, clothing (second hand clothes while the preacher and first lady wore the finest). We rode in the finest cars; the church took great care of the pastor and his family. Much was provided… yet much was lacking. Darkness lurched in many corners of that home. I would encourage each of you to visit the sister blog for the 3 part series of my story... beginning with D.N.A. of a PK -