Don’t be a Vulture – Desire Fresh, Daily Bread

It’s a loaf of bread. Not Pizza, Folks!


The Lord’s Prayer includes these words, “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread.” That tells me the Lord has fresh manna for His children everyday!

Recently the Lord had placed in my repertoire a collection of audio sermons by Andrew Murray. This is a voice from the dead. Murray was a preacher in South Africa. His many writings are circulating today, enriching countless lives… including mine. His teaching on Absolute Surrender is being read on audiobooks. As I listened, the Holy Spirit began opening up my understanding to know exactly where I was in my journey.

For sometime, I’ve have been feeling dissatisfied in my growth in Christ. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. My days were productive. I was never short on ideas to stay active for the Lord. So, where was this coming from? As I listened to hours of Absolute Surrender, I kept desiring to be that person. However, I knew I didn’t possess the ability to be that person. Murray went on to say it is impossible for a believer to achieve this status in the kingdom on their own. It is a spiritual state of being that only the Lord can develop in the life of a person desiring this relationship with Him.

The reason I felt the emptiness was because I had already eaten from the plate He’d given me for yesterday-year. It is time to take the next step where the next plate of food is. I kept circling around an empty plate of bones, like a vulture on a carcass! No nutrition was coming from that!

The hunger and the thirst for my next step, Absolute Surrender, is actually from His hand. Because of this fact, I am totally dependent on His provision. All my flesh is fighting it! But truly this should be the ultimate goal of a child of God.


Ok, I am not claiming to be a vulture. I am saying that I cannot continue to get satisfaction from yesterday’s meal. Once I have consumed the meal, in this case, matured to a point, I should desire more growth. Just as it is with our physical body, meals change overtime to suit the need for more growth. Just like with babies, to toddlers, to adolescent and beyond. The diet changes to meet the physical needs.

So does our spiritual diet changes for new growth. If we are not experiencing a hunger, and if we are not thirsting for more of God, we might find our self a little on the lean side when it comes down to being an effective witness in His kingdom.