Have You Noticed? After The Rain… A Rainbow

Does it seem to you that life is similar to a cloud?

How clouds are soft and misty with a feather’s touch…

Much like a newborn baby, a kitten, or an uplifting word and such?


Does it seem to you that in this welcoming mist, a storm should brew,

Much like the storms of life that leave a broken heart and a world askew?


And does it seem to you as a cloud forms dark as night,

In life, without the Lord, we lose our sight?


Have you noticed the lightening and heard the thunder

As the cloud prepares to break?

And so in life, the build up causes our hearts to ache?


But have you noticed when the cloud is heavy within,

It releases its rain to earth to replenish life again?


And does it not seem that God, our Great Defender,

Illustrates this life through such splendor?


And after the rain the rainbow arched supernal

Reminds us of our Father, God Eternal!



MJ Johnson, In His Service


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About MJ Johnson

I was born and raised in the Heart of Texas and live now in the metropolitan area of Denver Colorado. I have a loving husband and two grown sons and one grandson. I graduated with a Bachelors in Elementary Education and later a Masters in Special Education. But NO amount of earthly education can compare with the Wisdom and discretion that is free to all of us in the Word of God! Currently retired and in my Golden years and looking forward to the place that Jesus went to prepare for me!