Head Teacher – “Riziki’s Future is Bright”

Riziki's StoryRiziki Ivy Awang

“Riziki’s Future is Bright”

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Dear Elseba, It gives me pleasure to inform you that the school will be closing on 16/08/2018 for the August vacation. I wish also to inform you that we have recorded a tremendous improvement on the academic performance of all the girls you have enrolled in the sanitary towels initiative. Of my particular interest is one RIZIKI, who I happened to offer a shelter to put her head on. So far the girl has impressed me. In the last test we did just before the end of term examinations, she scored 280 marks out of a possible 500 marks.

In the end term results whose reports we will give when the schools open on the 10th of September she scored a whooping 360 marks. Based on what I know about her this is commendable and I can authoritatively confirm that her future prospects is bright. I would like to thank all those who have supported her and revived her hopes for a better future. God bless you all. I am however sad to inform you that due to the government policy of de-localising teachers, I have been moved to a new station in Nyamira County and will report to that station in a weeks time. On that note, I am requesting you to take RIZIKI in and offer her accommodation. I will continue checking on you every now and again and ensure that she achieve her aspirations.

Once again thank you and may God bless you.

Your in service Sadia Elizabeth.

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Note from PICC Founder, Rochelle Indo

“I trust with certainty that each letter we receive from the girls of PODI contain stories of true experiences of these young ladies. Riziki’s story gave me an overwhelming feeling of admiration for her courage and resilience in the face of such horrific family tragedy. I personally feel a kindred spirit to her. I have express the desire to be a figure in her life somewhat of a godmother. I commend Bradon and Elseba for the loving kindness they are demonstrating by taking Riziki into their care. In this month’s Awareness Campaign for PODI, I’m asking each one to give what the Lord has place upon the heart to give, and if led, to designate a few dollars to go directly to help the Adhiambo’s in a small way to provide for Riziki. This is not a request from them. I am making this appeal for help. Example: If a donor gives $10 indicate on the line where you would put the company name ‘PODI’ $3 for Riziki. Thanks to all for your continued support to these girls.”

Thank you for giving.

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