Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit


How can this be a touch so soft

That feathers weigh it down

And yet that touch a crushing weight

Within my heart is found.

How can this be the heart so sad

From all earths ills and cares

And yet the tears that find me here

His love so gently shares.

How can it be when I have fallen

Into the thorns of life

My strength’s renewed like night to day

Not weighted down by strife.

How can this be with blinded sight

As I strain to clearly see

The truth, the way, the Holy light

Has found its’ way in me.

The weight of love is heavy now

I bow beneath its force

It wraps itself around me tight

My Lord, My God, my Source.

No empty boast of world or man

Shall stop my forward goal

For Love and Joy and Peace untold

Breathe life into my soul.


With love to my Lord and Savior, MJ Johnson


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I am a native of Savannah GA. Raised in a 'religious' home... let's call me a P.K. (Preacher's Kid). Went to Church 3-4 times a week. Even so, I never saw Christ in the home. That's sad. I am also the founder and CEO of PICC, Inc. and SCHP (2 blogs representing the non-profits). Take a moment and browse through our content. I believe you will be encouraged and inspired by our columnists and contributors. By all means, visit my story (parts I, II, and III) at https://smallchange-hugeprofits.com/d-n-a-of-a-p-k-my-story/