Is God Divided?

The title ‘Christian’ has become like the word ‘Love.’ Some who use these words define and represent them in ways that seem watered down and less meaningful. The term ‘believer’ or ‘follower of Christ’ works better because it differentiates from the word that lumps everyone together; the one identifying with a group and those who are actually a part of the group of followers. The title Christian has somehow lost its intended meaning and value among critics and unbelievers and even other believers.

Remember the days when at the office if a person known as a Christian walked in and others were using profanity, or smoking, or telling a lewd joke… the subject would change and apologies offered. The cigarette would be snuffed out. Huh, what happened to those days? Now you walk in and you might get handed a cigarette and a glass of liquor, and the lewd joke just gets louder.

But to give you an example of how things have changed. This has much to do with the changes in the culture. I, and those living in the household of which I was raised came up ‘churched.’ When I got to Atlanta in 1992 (working on HUD properties) I was shocked at the young children who didn’t even know about Jesus. Even their mothers and fathers were not churched.

The 5, 6, 7, 8+ year olds knew more about working their lower extremities on a rap song than Jesus Loves the Little Children. When I saw a 5 year old little girl in a stairwell working her body for a crowd of older teens and adults and the mother standing by cheering her on, I nearly fainted. I knew I was no longer in Kansas (Savannah) so to speak. To be honest my spirit was grieved inside of me.

This is the result of prayers banned from public schools for 55 years, and the name of God reviled among the masses. It seems true to me that the only problem agnostics and atheists have when it comes to God is not that they don’t believe He exist, but because He exists He messes up their sin life. Who wants a conscience?

Everyone has a conscience that lets him know when they have missed the mark or stepped over a boundary. Kind of’ like the feeling when a small child takes something in secret that he doesn’t supposed to have… He automatically knows to hide the deed and to lie if asked about it. For some time it will stir inside that child and the fear of being found out will grip his soul. Over time the child learns to override that little voice that warns him. He gets older and no longer hears a voice behind him saying, “go this way, not that.”

Okay, back to the school thing… there are no school prayers, no reading of the Bible, no reference to God, evolution has replaced Creation, Ten Commandments have been removed from gov’t and public properties. What’s left? College awaits. And in it are the teachings that propel the notion that there is no God and the weak believes there is. So, what few who went to college with faith may have started down the path of unbelief and doubting; soon they begin to hide their childhood faith altogether. Don’t want to look odd among the peers; and definitely need to stay in good graces of the professors.

So what does this have to do with the political climate today? There are Christians voting on both sides of the political persuasion. So, whose right? Isn’t there only One God and Holy Spirit in every believer?

Ephesians 4:4-6 “There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.”

Is God divided? I ask that because it is clear that the Church is divided in this political season. Is the Holy Spirit in one church saying, “vote for her? She’s my choice.” And in another church saying, “Vote for him. He is my choice.” God forbid!

The groups naming the name Christian are not all Christians. God’s issues are made clear. His principles are sure. It is not difficult to know what side the Lord is on. Take a look at these:

Is the Lord for abortion and the killing of innocent babies?

Does the Lord want us to fight hate with hate?

Is the Lord for a man not working for a living to take care of his offspring? Instead, it’s best that the taxpayers pay while the man ducks and dodges his responsibilities?

Does the Lord make it clear about who a person is created to be? Did He make a mistake? Has He changed His mind because of the populist culture?

So, why are the two sides (the two Christians) so polar opposite? Because these are just some of the issues that define who the true followers of Christ really are… or are not.

The Lord gives every ‘born again’ believer the Holy Spirit to help them discern what is right and what is wrong. If an individual does not have the H.S. God says he is none of His. Romans 8:9. The Spirit will direct the true believer, for he does not live for himself, but he promotes the things of God and His kingdom.

There are hundreds of thousands of churches in America. But there is only one true Church. That is the Body of Christ. These are those who will hear from Him, and many will obey His voice. At the same time, there are believers who know better but just will reject God’s leading.

So, what’s your take on this? Let us know.

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