Is Your Pastor Conservative Enough?

shinesA great question one can ask: “Is My Pastor A True Conservative?” article written by Rochelle Indo

One can only hope that he or she is. For it is the Conservatives who hold the views that should matter to every believer. Abortion, changing the definition of Marriage, Supreme Court picks, First and Second Amendment rights, Freedom of speech includes but is not limited to clergy being able to have the freedom to address their congregants on all topics pertaining to politics as well as politicians without being penalized by the government. Bishop Aubrey Shines of Tampa, Florida has provided a great video that gives all of us insight into the liberal candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Watching this video should leave a believer to ask, “How can I, in good conscience, vote for this candidate? She does not represent me on these issues at all.” Then ask yourself once again, “Is My Pastor A True Conservative?” 

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