Just So You’d Know…The Inconvenient Truth

Remember, its okay to believe in something. Just know what it is that you believe in and why you believe in it. According to his student, Plato, even Socrates encouraged his students to examine all their beliefs.


So often people in different groups do “group think” instead of individual thinking. People even vote the same way… without doing a minuscule amount of research. They simply vote the way “momma them” voted. People, we are in a new day. We are no longer bound to the “group think” ideologies that have held us down. Word is out. This is the information age. We are as uninformed as we want to be.

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About Rochelle

I am a native of Savannah GA. Raised in a 'religious' home... let's call me a P.K. (Preacher's Kid). Went to Church 3-4 times a week. Even so, I never saw Christ in the home. That's sad. I am also the founder and CEO of PICC, Inc. and SCHP (2 blogs representing the non-profits). Take a moment and browse through our content. I believe you will be encouraged and inspired by our columnists and contributors. By all means, visit my story (parts I, II, and III) at https://smallchange-hugeprofits.com/d-n-a-of-a-p-k-my-story/