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President Trump was inaugurated as our 45th President on January 20, 2017. This was wonderful news to many of us and we were anxious to see his cabinet take its rightful place.

We are almost one month into his presidency and,sadly, this has not happened. Only a handful of cabinet members have been approved and every one of his nominees has faced at least some opposition. The Democrats are constantly stalling and dragging the confirmation process out. For decades, presidents have gotten all their Cabinet members approved on their first day in office. Both Presidents Obama and George W. Bush got seven nominees approved in the hours immediately after inauguration, and by this point had at least a dozen in office.

If you’ve been watching the actions, or lack thereof, of the Democrats in the Senate, it should be obvious that they are not working for the good of our country, but to undermine our duly elected President. They were elected to serve us, but they are not doing so. When elections come around, we need to remember and vote them out of office!

“President Trump is facing the worst treatment of any president dating back to George Washington” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday as he urged Democrats to drop their nonsense.“It’s a historic break in tradition, a departure from how newly elected presidents of both parties have been treated in decades past,” he said as he took to the Senate floor.

On Monday, Democrats were mounting a filibuster to try to sink Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s pick to head the Education Department, saying she was incompetent and ideologically incompatible.

Betsy DeVos was confirmed on Tuesday, February 7, 2017, but it took VP Mike Pence’s vote to break the tie in the Senate. Pence’s vote marked the first time in American history a vice president has broken a tie on a Cabinet nominee’s Senate confirmation.

Tuesday night, in an extremely rare rebuke, Sen. Elizabeth Warren was instructed to take her seat after clashing with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell during Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation debate on Tuesday night. Her speaking privileges were suspended until the Senate votes on Sessions’ nomination.

The clash comes as senators are battling fiercely over President Donald Trump’s Cabinet appointments. Sessions is one of eight nominees Democrats sought to defeat, but he is now on path to be confirmed Wednesday.

I understand that the Democrats are upset because they lost. They don’t quite know how to deal with President Trump, but it’s time to grow up and do what is best for our country. The old-party democrats would roll over in their graves if they saw how low their party has sunk to today.

My message to the Democratic Congress is that it’s NOT about YOU! It’s about We the People – America!! You were elected BY the people to serve the people. The people have spoken. We elected Donald Trump to the presidency because we are sick and tired of politics as usual. I think it’s about time for the Democrats use their historic donkey emblem to boot themselves in the keister and hopefully knock some sense into them.

In my opinion, many presidents, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan would be very proud of President Trump and his vision to heal and unite our country – to Make America Great Again. If you’re not going to help, get out of the way!!

As Ben Carson wisely said: “We as a nation cannot allow our political differences to divide us and lead to acts of aggression and strife. A house divided cannot stand.”


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