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Previously,  I have shared articles with you about Periods of Dignity Initiative (PODI) and the mission they have taken on. We learned a lot about what young girls have to deal with in Kenya and other third-world countries.  
I have been so affected by the needs of these girls.  It’s time to step up to the plate and make a difference!  I, for one, will be supporting this cause on a regular basis and I hope you will join me!


Elseba Adhiambo became a part of the PICC Team as a Campaign Manager for PODI in December 2017.  Elseba is the representative of PODI and the girls affectionately call her “Auntie Elseba”. She travels many miles by foot to be there for her girls.

Through her dedication and hard work, these young ladies needs are met each month.  They no longer have to worry about the stigma of before, but are able to concentrate on their studies.  Those that can complete their primary school, secondary school and can transition into college have the prospects of a brighter future.

Take some time to look and see what PODI is doing in the lives of these young ladies.
You will enjoy reading about them and their experiences.
Click on the link below to start the journey:

PICC Around the World – PODI

You can be a part of the change in the lives of the maturing young ladies. Please consider sending a contribution via PayPal to PERIODSOFDIGNITY@GMAIL.COM.  All gifts to PODI can also be given through PICC Around the World. PICC will absorb the cost to send to Kenya, Africa. Please place the name PODI in the ‘Company Name’ field. Thank you for giving.

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