People In Charge of Change has launched a place on social media for broader discussions on articles we post to the blog. Links to our new articles are placed on as many as 25-30 Facebook pages. It would be beneficial if you have read the article to participate in the forum. If you agree or disagree with any part of what is written, please post your thoughts on this page; if you would like to share an experience, whether similar or different, please share this page. It is open to everyone.

P.I.C.C. and Small Change Huge Profits objectives are to Inspire, Encourage, Educate, and Engage as many as we can to take part in the change they desire. The Forums may be a tool others use to find their way to making an informed decision.

We are not trying to sway anyone to any particular way; but we want to be a Think Tank filled with information, ideas, and suggestions that will serve as an arsenal for individuals. If you feel that any article is a good enough topic to share, then by all means share it. If there is something you read in the blog’s archives and you wish to place it in a forum for discussion, just let us know. We believe that the Lord is changing lives one person at a time. Who knows – you, by sharing, may be a part of that process.




About Rochelle

Born and raised in coastal Georgia, I had the distinct privilege of being raised in a home by 'CHURCH FOLK.' I was considered a PK; many of you know the term translates as 'Preacher's Kid.' My beginnings were, in appearance, as the life of luxury and prestige. See more of my story in the article: 'D.N.A. of a PK - Preacher's Kid'