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We have High Hopes for PHASE IV. Now we are a state registered nonprofit org. P.I.C.C., Inc. 

P.I.C.C., Inc. is going into the fourth year now and will be posting our goals going forward. Born during the height of the highly contentious election cycle of 2016 we witnessed emotions flaring and people were at wit’s end in many cases. Seeing families, friends, co-workers, even faith families being torn apart and disillusioned we decided to be a force for the good of ALL people.

Our focus is to continue bringing people together. The lives of many people in this country are in shambles. Thanks to the forces that seek to divide us with identity politics, whole families are torn apart; the workplaces have become uncomfortable for people with different views; people are living in fear of losing their freedoms. But we at P.I.C.C., Inc. are hopeful. Our efforts will be to encourage ALL to look to God and to each other for help. There are many ways to become divided but with little effort people can find those things in common that can unify. Come Grow With Us in this mission to trust in God and in the good of our neighbors.

Our Motto is A Beacon of Hope to Inspire, Encourage, Inform, and Engage people to do acts of kindness across this nation. We at PICC, Inc. choose to be a leader in this endeavor. Come Grow With Us, for We are the People in Charge of Change. 

We are in our PHASE IV campaign, Growing the Distance. We are expanding our reach to help others with needs that can easily be met by a few caring hearts. Already we’ve reached across social, religious, and political aisles in order to Inspire, Encourage, Inform, and Engage many people. We have even reached as far as 8000+ miles, to Kenya Africa to help 100 young ladies have the feminine supplies necessary to experience uninterrupted academic months; $100 covers 100 girls. P.I.C.C.’s campaign manager for PODI, Periods of Dignity Initiative is Elseba Adhiambo.

We hope that you will join us and subscribe to P.I.C.C. Avail us the opportunity to win you with positive and engaging materials. Tell your friends about us. Guess what? We are open to new ideas and suggestions. Feel free to contact us. We have a Facebook satellite page: PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF CHANGE. I can be reached on or Thank you and have a prosperous 2019.

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Elseba Adhiambo – PODI  Campaign Mgr

Our first PICC-A-Thon was A Scooter for Gail. We learned about a need among our very own group, in an indirect way. Once realized, I saw the need to pull people together from across the nation to help Gail Pinder, The Front Porch columnist in PICC. Starting a fundraiser for Gail, we were able to provide her with a great 2017 Christmas gift within less than 7 days. More than $1500 was raised for “Gracie”. Click Picture for her story. Isn’t she Lovely?

See Gail and Emery’s Journey with MS. Click Picture.

P.I.C.C., Inc. Board of Directors chose to give their 1st quarterly membership gifts to a charity. This one was for the babies of some brave mothers who decided not to abort. The mothers and babies were helped by the Pregnancy Care Center in Clayton County and supporters; some of whom are in this picture with me. (see below)



Rochelle Indo with Marsharne Sullivan of Pregnancy Care Center and women’s group at Glad Tidings.

Rochelle with Marsharne and Glad Tidings' women's group.

Click on image to go to Pregnancy Care Center Website

The Mama Mia! It’s Italian! Mothers Day.   For more info and  video of the drawing – Click the Picture
The PICC-A-First Responder contest. Click the Picture to see all the contesters

A winner was declared on June 4th, Fred Packard emerged as the clear winner for his article about their community Heros, Susquehanna Hose Co. Havre de Grace, Maryland. click on this image to read Fred’s article and the letter sent to Bill Berg w/ a check!




Promise Made. Promise Kept. Mailed Priority June 6, 2019

A check for $200 along with a letter addressed to Firefighter Billy Berg was mailed to Fred Packard for the Susquehanna Hose Co. in Havre de Gace, Maryland. These are the acts of kindness P.I.C.C., Inc. and those who support her efforts are making successful strides in accomplishing. Come Grow With Us. We Are the People In Charge of Change.

P.I.C.C., Inc. Fathers Day Honoree: Click the Picture 

P.I.C.C. has a sister blog, “Small Change – Huge Profits” Click Here to Visit Sister Blog

To assist all people we provide an Election HeadQuarters’ to help people to be able to navigate their Secretary of State’s division with merely a ‘point and click’ on this blog. Please note: It is not for P.I.C.C. to influence anyone’s vote. We only encourage people to be an informed populous and to take part in our great democracy by voting their issues and concerns. P.I.C.C., Inc. will continue to provide this same ‘point and click’ feature on the Election HeadQuarters’ page.