P.I.C.C., People In Charge of Change

We are going into our third year now and will be posting our goals going forward. We will be announcing our new contributors and columnists as well as what’s on the horizon for PICC. PICC was born during the height of the last election cycle to help people get involved in our great democracy implementing the freedoms we have to help the CHANGE we want to see in our local communities, state, and Nation. People got excited, engaged, and informed on what difference they could make. Many over the age of 50 registered to vote and did so for the very first time! We all could celebrate that. PICC Election HQ pointed many in the right direction, state by state. Information to each state’s election website was just a ‘point and click’ on this blog. It is not for PICC to pick what party one should vote. We only encourage the people to be an informed voter and vote for the candidates who best represent their issues and concerns. PICC will have a light footprint in this 2018 Mid-Term election cycle. It will be to just provide that “point and click’ feature again at our Election HQ page.

Our goals in our third year will focus more on bringing people together. The lives of many people in this country are in shambles. Thanks to the propaganda media and leaders who seek to divide us with identity politics whole families are torn apart; the workplaces have become uncomfortable for people with different views; people are living in fear of losing their freedoms. But we here at PICC are hopeful. Our efforts will include but are not limited to, encouraging others to look to God and each other for help.

PICC will promote people and organizations in some small way, and more as we grow, to help their efforts to do the same. PICC will soon welcome contributors and columnist with this in mind. One column on the horizon will bring a refreshing and fun-filled think-tank that will spark discussions from people of all ages. We are proud to welcome Elseba Adhiambo, of PODI, Periods of Destiny Initiative (Kenya, Africa). She is PICC first Campaign Manager. PICC launched her campaign to help girls to have an uninterrupted education, Many of you know Gail Pinder, our Columnist for the ‘FRONT PORCH.’ She has showered us with wonderful articles and encouraging words over the last year. (Can’t wait to see what’s next).

So, we hope that you will join us and subscribe to PICC. Give us an opportunity to wow and win you with positive and engaging materials. Tell your friends too. Guess what? We are open to new ideas and suggestions. Feel free to contact us. We have a Facebook satellite page: PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF CHANGE. I, Rochelle Indo, can be reached on Messenger or at provisions59@gmail.com. Thank you and have a prosperous New Year… I hope we are a part of your life this year. 

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