P.I.C.C. Phase III – Movement Within A Movement


Hello everyone! People In Charge of Change is launching its third segment in a series of campaigns to promote change we can take part in. The past 7 months have been a journey into the heart and soul of this country. We have seen the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in politics. It is taking everything we have to remain sane and untouched by the darkness around us. Some are growing weary and discouraged. Take Courage! Do Not Shrink Back!

P.I.C.C. and the sister blog www.smallchange-hugeprofits.com will continue to a beacon of Light and Hope they have been called to be. We are asking you to hang tight and tell others about us; we have so much in store for our readers and viewers.

Astounding and informational articles, testimonies, new contributors, whoohoo! As well as, encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting posts that you will find to be helpful in your journey to do what is right by God and your fellow man.

Stay Tuned… and keep the faith. New things are on the horizon for www.peopleinchargeofchange.com and Small Change. Don’t lose heart. PICCtv is in development stages as well. This will publish as a Roku channel. More on this when available. We are still open for new ideas, suggestions, and contributors. P.I.C.C. will also be seeking 501c3 status with the gov’t. This will help us to do more as a nonprofit. (already registered in GA). Stay Tuned. More will be shared when this process begins.

If there is a passion in your heart to get a positive message out to people across this nation, then by all means send your thoughts to Rochelle Indo on messenger or at provisions59@gmail.com

We welcome citizens who would like to use P.I.C.C. (blog) or Small Change (blog) as a vehicle to Inspire, Encourage, Educate and Engage others to be a part of the change they desire… for we truly are the People In Charge of Change.


If you are interested in becoming a contributor or columnist, please review the PICC Code of Ethics on the front page menu. Our contributors/columnists work at their own pace. No pressure or deadlines. We have fun here, while helping our fellow citizens to cope and grow stronger. ‘Its the Least We can do to Make Change’   http://www.smallchange-hugeprofits.com 



About Rochelle

I am a native of Savannah GA. Raised in a 'religious' home... let's call me a P.K. (Preacher's Kid). Went to Church 3-4 times a week. Even so, I never saw Christ in the home. That's sad. I am also the founder and CEO of PICC, Inc. and SCHP (2 blogs representing the non-profits). Take a moment and browse through our content. I believe you will be encouraged and inspired by our columnists and contributors. By all means, visit my story (parts I, II, and III) at https://smallchange-hugeprofits.com/d-n-a-of-a-p-k-my-story/