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Regular support of our committed sisters Christina Sheley, Wendy Dean Williams, Rochelle Indo, Violet Detto-Scott, Rita Davenport, Tamu Davenport, Terri Baskerville, Janet Parrott, Amy Schaffert, Inga Riley, Carol Melhase and brother Bradon Chuchu (Treasurer), Periods Of Dignity – PODI, has greatly impacted the lives of these precious girls. For the 100 girls enrolled, the problem is gone, the myriad of challenges they faced, they do no longer face. Your donation brought smiles to their faces and gave them hope of becoming people in the society and break the vicious poverty cycle. Please take a moment to read the letters submitted by two of these young ladies. They represent the sentiment of all the girls.

Thank you.

Elseba Adhiambo, PODI

All contributions go directly to meet the needs of these young ladies. Donations enable us to:

  1. Protect the young girls against the sex predators who use the sanitary towels as baits to lure the girls into giving in to their sexual advances and exploitation.
  2. Reduced risk of contracting HIV and AIDS. The sexual and reproductive health sessions that we have with the girls have made them aware of the dangers posed by engaging in unprotected sex and they have also learn how to say NO to the sex predators. This has made them less at risk of being infected with HIV and other STIs
  3. Dignity, Self-esteem and self-worth has greatly been enhanced and improved. The girls are no longer an object of ridicule during their menses as the sanitary pads provided have effectively concealed it. The boys can no longer know when aunty flow visits.
  4. Renewed hopes of completing primary school and transiting to secondary school. This means a bright future ahead for those who will be able to complete secondary and join some college.
  5. Girls are no longer at risk of getting impregnated at an early age. You can be a part of the change in the lives of the maturing young ladies. Please consider sending a contribution via PayPal to PERIODSOFDIGNITY@GMAIL.COM. No amount is too small, and paying through Paypal is without a fee.

Thank You!

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