We are calling on all our supporters and patriots across this nation to participate in this effort PICC-A -GoGo, Get One Give One free to the homeless poor. These cool cotton masks will be going out in droves as people make a purchase of a mask for $7. We will match it with a free mask for a homeless person. What history can be told one day to your loved ones about these times! All Lives Matter!All Lives Matter!

PICC continues to find ways to be of service to the community… quite frankly, to this nation. With everything that is going on with this COVID – 19 pandemic and now the mayhem with the protests turning into riots and chaos, it does us good to remember what America is all about. Independence. It is difficult to even imagine what this nation will look like by January 2021. But we still have hope. We must keep our heads high and preserve our traditions. Just as in the Holy Bible Old Testament times, the people were taught to keep the traditions serve to remind generations coming after them the greatness of their God and His faithfulness to His people. That same God has Blessed America. Teach others the importance of protecting and preserving the principles and values of which she was founded.  For the most part, we are seeing across this nation a generation that was not taught to value what America represents. PICC-A -GoGo, Get One Give One free will reach the homeless poor for the next 45 days. All purchases of a mask will be met with a match. All who make a purchase within this 45-day window will receive a special gift. PICC sends out the orders immediately after each purchase.

***This project has ended***

Come Grow With Us! The acts of kindness we do are made possible
with the su
pport of those who believe that we are the People In Charge of Change.

It is incumbent upon us to find opportunities to Serve Christ by Serving Others.  With much prayer and outreach, we can bring healing to the hurting, rest for the weary, bring encouragement to the fearful and salvation to many sin-sick souls.  This is in step with our PHASE V Campaign for 2020: PHASE V – Let’s Strive to Serve Christ by Serving Others! 

These masks are being produced by the ladies in the SALT & LIGHT group. This being such a great service they have been doing to help the men and women on the front lines, we see an opportunity to expand and make them available to you. The ladies have agreed to donate 4% of the earnings to PICC. This will indeed help us to do more this year.  

Watch slides below for the varieties available. (1) AMAZING GRACE has a beautiful cross. Some cuts of the fabric show the words of the song Amazing Grace. (2) BACK THE BLUE – Our men and women in Law Enforcement will be encouraged to see our support. Let’s Back the Blue! (3) KENTE CLOTH – Feel the culture of the moment, yet understanding that All Lives Matter! History: Kente cloth has its origin from the Akan-Ashanti kingdoms in Ghana. *Not for the purpose of politicking! Last but not least, (4) MEDICAL TEAMS ARE OUR HEROES! Self-explanatory, right?

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Two-layer pleated face masks. Variety of prints available. The backing is a light-weight fabric. Each mask is $7.00. This price includes shipping and handling.

Also, available are masks with pockets for our medical responders and service members who would like to put in their own filter to make it conducive for their work environment. These are made with bridging for the nose. The cost for these is $9.00 (this includes shipping and handling)

In ordering your mask, please indicate by letter the ones you would like us to send, including the number amount.

Using the donate button, place your order, and indicate in the PayPal description that it is for the specific mask(s). Include your address. In addition, please email your address to me at>>> rochelleindo@gmail.com with your choice(s) order. Your order will be processed and expedited as soon as it is received. We have been rolling out orders within 12-24 hours of receiving them.


Conservative materials are among the gifts

SPECIAL FOR THE PICC-A-GOGO are these special gifts. Each order will receive a special gift inside. This is a token of our appreciation for your supporting this effort to serve others.

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P.I.C.C., Inc. is in the fifth year. We began as a blog and have now become a nonprofit organization. Our Campaign for 2020 is – PHASE V – Let’s Strive to Serve Christ by Serving Others! Please consider a gift to support our efforts to continue being A Beacon of Hope to Inspire, Encourage, Inform, and Engage others.

Come Grow With Us! The acts of kindness we do are made possible
with the su
pport of those who believe that we are the People In Charge of Change.