PICC – PHASE IV “Growing the Distance”

Greetings to all our PICC and SCHP Friends and Colleagues

PICC was born in the midst of a highly contested and heated election cycle – the Presidential Primaries and the General Election period beginning spring of 2015 ramping up to November 2016. Social media platform, Facebook was a place where most of us met and joined a members-only site which is now called People In Charge of Change, the satellite page for this blog. (sister blog is www.smallchange-hugeprofits.com.)

Members on the FB page were held together with a common goal.  We put forth a tremendous effort in 2016 to energize and inform ALL persons to vote their values. No matter the candidate they supported. We provided the Election Headquarters’ Page on both blogs. see: https://www.peopleinchargeofchange.com/?p=752

As founder of People In Charge of Change and Small Change Huge Profits, I have had the distinct privilege of meeting (and continue to meet) some very talented, skillful, and creative people; many of whom have contributed in unbelievable ways to these blogs. Those of you who have been with PICC from the beginning might have noticed a change of columnists and contributors.  What changed? You might ask. In January 2017 I felt inspired to go in the direction to bring people together across the nation with articles and productions that would be A Beacon of Hope to Inspire, Encourage, Inform and Engage. These are the caliber of columnists and contributors PICC, Inc. has welcomed aboard.



In addition, it is with a profound appreciation for the love and support our followers and subscribers have given over the past 3 plus years. We have had some very wonderful moments together. We have laughed, wrestled over frustrations for things we could not control, we have learned from each other, embraced strangers, helped the needy, foreign and domestic, supported one another and most of all… We Have Grown Together.

P.I.C.C., Inc. is in the fourth year. We began as a blog and have now become a nonprofit organization. Our Campaign for 2019 is – PHASE IV Growing the Distance. Please consider a gift to support our efforts to continue being A Beacon of Hope to Inspire, Encourage, Inform, and Engage others.

Come Grow With Us! The acts of kindness we do are made possible with the support of those who believe that we are the People In Charge of Change.

About Rochelle

I am a native of Savannah GA. Raised in a 'religious' home... let's call me a P.K. (Preacher's Kid). Went to Church 3-4 times a week. Even so, I never saw Christ in the home. That's sad. I am also the founder and CEO of PICC, Inc. and SCHP (2 blogs representing the non-profits). Take a moment and browse through our content. I believe you will be encouraged and inspired by our columnists and contributors. By all means, visit my story (parts I, II, and III) at https://smallchange-hugeprofits.com/d-n-a-of-a-p-k-my-story/